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Clubs & Co-Curriculars

The co-curricular program is a 70-minute block of time integrated into the schedule every other week, and it is reserved for student interests and needs that are not otherwise represented in the official SD curriculum. The time is used for everything from the college counseling course to micro-courses in hiphop or cooking to club meetings. Clubs at SD are traditionally student-initiated and anchored in distinctive, common interests. Clubs provide yet another opportunity for connection, intellectual exploration, creativity, social impact, and fun. The co-curricular opportunities vary from year to year and may include:

Black Student Association
Body Positive
Book Club
Campus Ministry
Children in Need Club
College Process
Disney Club
Documentary Film Making
Exploring Trails
Film Noir
Forensic Science
Green Team
Math Tutoring Club
Model United Nations
Mountain Biking
Multicultural Club
National Honor Society
Peer Counseling
Photography Club
San Domenico Singers
Social Justice Club
Song Writing
Student Council
Tea Club
Volunteer Club
Wog (Walk/Jog)


More about Clubs & Co-Curriculars at SD

Model United Nations

Model United Nations

San Domenico High School’s Model United Nations delegation is the oldest program of all independent schools in Marin. Our students participate in both the Stanford and Berkeley conferences every year. In the last few years, our student delegates have won multiple research awards and one delegate award for research, presentation, and debate on topics such as containing the spread of contagious diseases, empowering women in the Middle East, increasing access to much needed healthcare in Africa, and responding to the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Model United Nations provides a meaningful forum for students with interests international relations and problem-solving to collaborate, discuss, and interact with like-minded students from around the world.


The Robotics Club is a Northern California FTC Tech Challenge team, creating table-top size robots. FTC is part of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), founded by inventor Dean Kamen and Professor Woodie Flowers. The organization's leadership includes industry professionals from MIT, NASA, and other engineering endeavors. The San Domenico club begins in mid-September with a robotics kit of parts, and members are encouraged to use creativity in designing and programming the robots. The club is usually split into several groups, each working on a robot twice a week. Members learn how to implement ideas and basic programming. No previous engineering experience is required. The competition(s) encourage co-operation; San Domenico partners with other schools, and the entire FIRST process is built on gracious professionalism and positive behavior with real world application. The project coach led an FRC FIRST team in Los Angeles for six years before coming to San Domenico.

Mike Berry, Robotics Coach |

The Green TeamThe Green Team

The Green Team works on increasing awareness and participation in sustainable practices on the San Domenico campus. Members help out in our school's organic "Garden of Hope," and have worked compiling data which helped bring solar to our campus. A current project includes looking at the cleaning products used on campus to help keep our staff, students, and environment healthy. Every year members are integral in the planning and running a Green Your School Conference in the Fall or an Earth Day Summit in the spring.

Hilary Staples, Faculty Advisor |
Shelly Flint, Faculty Advisor |

Verities Literary Journal

Verities is one of the oldest clubs at San Domenico and continues to evolve along with our student community. It publishes an annual literary journal consisting of student poetry, essays, short stories, photography, and art. Verities is a student-run organization responsible for soliciting admissions, selecting and editing student work for publication, creating the layout, and hosting literary events such as workshops and the annual “Pizza for Poetry” Luncheon. We are an inclusive publication which seeks to publish work by the entire San Domenico community.

Dirk Weiss, Faculty Advisor |

Service Learning

The goal is to understand our need for socially responsible activism—beginning on our campus with reflection and discussion, and moving out into local communities with action that makes a difference. Many academic courses involve a service component linking the subject with the community, local or global. Among recent experiences, Spanish classes joined the daylong Dia des los Muertos activities and International Relations' students volunteered with an Asian refugee project.

Kristen Levine, Faculty Advisor |


All abilities and talents are welcome in the guitar club, which emphasizes personal progress and having a great time. There are occasionally outings, like a recent guitar shopping trip where three members bought instruments.

Peer Counseling Training

The training program is available as a co-curricular activity for all grade levels. Students meet once a week and work with a member of the counseling staff to develop effective counseling skills and work on projects such as The Promoting Positive Body Image Task Force.


Our high school chorus participates in concerts both on and off campus throughout the academic year. In the Fall each year, they add their voices to the sound of the school orchestra in the annual "Vivaldi at San Domenico" Concert.


The yearbook, Veritas, teaches students about digital photography, computer layout programs, time management, setting deadlines and working as a team to produce a meaningful visual record of the current school year. Students find the experience of seeing their conceptualizations published and immortalized in the school yearbook rewarding and most students find that working on the yearbook provides them with an opportunity to express talents that are not otherwise engaged during the academic day.

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