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SD Boarding Home Away from Home

Your Home Away From Home

Nestled on our 515-acre campus, our residence halls are flanked with redwood groves, a seasonal creek, rolling hills, and are adjacent to our state-of-the-art aquatic center, basketball courts, and our one-acre organic garden & outdoor kitchen. Students can socialize, study, and practice amongst classmates in a safe and inspiring environment in this tranquil setting. Each of our six residential wings include newly refurbished lounges with high-speed wifi, laser printers, comfortable couches, study areas, fireplaces, and satellite TVs. Rounding out the comforts of home, we provide laundry facilities in every residence hall. Our boarding students learn important habits-of-mind such as clothes-washing skills, straightening their rooms, and keeping their study spaces organized.

Our freshly remodeled Mercedes Lounge boasts a full kitchen for students interested in cooking on weekends, as well as a cozy lounge area with a communal dining table and oversized couches for watching movies on “the big screen.” On weekday afternoons, both day and boarding students gather at Mercedes Lounge for “after school snack” before heading to sports practices, music lessons, study sessions, etc. To encourage friendships with day students, we’ve equipped our double rooms with trundle beds, making sleepovers convenient any day of the week. Our recently remodeled dining hall serves three healthy meals a day with an extensive menu to accommodate various diets and tastes.

A Day in the Life at SD

7:30 am: Students begin their day with a homemade breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, and oatmeal are just a few of the tasty breakfast choices.

8:10 am to 3:10 pm: To allow time to delve deeply into subjects, students have four 80-minute periods each day with two breaks and a 50-minute lunch.

3:15 pm to 4:00 pm: All of our Upper School day and boarding students are offered a healthy snack in our lounge providing nourishment before sports practices, theater rehearsals, study groups, or wherever they are headed at the end of the school day.

6:00 pm to 6:45 pm: Dinner in our dining hall is prepared using local, fresh, seasonal, and nutritious ingredients every night of the week.

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm: Supervised evening study halls, Monday through Thursday, provide a quiet place for homework and collaboration with classmates on group projects.

SD Boarding Community Dinner

A beloved tradition is our Monday Night Community Dinner served family-style with rotating culinary themes throughout the year.

SD Boarding Courtyard

Our courtyard is a well-loved space for students to enjoy a ping-pong game, grill on weekends, and partake in Friday S’mores Night around our outdoor fire pit!

SD Boarding Soccer before Dinner

Living on campus, your backyard is your playing field.