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Regional Boarding

San Domenico is the closest coed day and boarding school to San Francisco.

Boarding school provides an unparalleled opportunity to build community in a home away from home while learning, growing, and preparing for college. For local students, regional boarding is the gift of extra hours in the day to spend on academics and extracurriculars rather than commuting. It’s a chance to live with other students from around California, the United States, and the world. Our 680 day and boarding students study and learn together on a campus replete with a music conservatory, visual arts/digital media studios, tennis courts, outdoor pool, athletic center, 3D Lab, and more. We are excited to share with you the possibility of attending boarding school close to home.

Our boarding facilities are designed to feel like home and include indoor and outdoor lounges, fire pits, computers, televisions, fireplaces, and lovely bedrooms overlooking our stunning campus. On weekends, if you choose to stay on campus, we offer a wide array of activities, including opportunities to go to the East Bay and San Francisco, local trips to the movies, the mall, and local sporting events.

"Being a regional boarder allows me to experience San Domenico in a way few students can—I focus on school work during the week, living with students from around the world, and head home on some weekends. It has given me the tools I need to become a global citizen."- Milo from San Francisco, Class of ‘20

"I like boarding because I get to immerse myself in so many different cultures. I now have friends from all over the Bay Area and the world."-Tafari, from San Francisco, Class of ‘20

"I really love how unified the boarding program is and how I get to live with all of my friends. The weekly community dinner is so fun and everyone gets to bond and create new friendships. The dorm parents are also so nice and never fail to make the dorms a welcoming and warm environment!"- Sofia, from Oakland, Class of ‘19

"My life would be so different if it weren't for coming to this school. Having a roommate and friends from all over the world, it's not something every high school student gets to experience and I feel so lucky. Through my SD experience, I am more confident and ready to excel in college and life."

- RAY, from BEIJING, Class of ‘19

To learn more, or to schedule your tour, contact us at (415) 258-1905 or

San Domenico's Campus Aerial Shot

Boarding Students in the Dorms

SD Athletics Swimming Practice

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