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International Student Experience

515 acres to learn, live, and play

Make lifelong friends

Explore the Bay Area

Meet international students from 20 countries

Beautiful beaches are nearby

Have an adventure in your backyard

A place to call home

Boarding Students Between Classes

What’s life like at SD?

As an international student at SD, you will be welcomed and celebrated as an integral part of our diverse, talented, and global student body. Our friendly and supportive community will help you find connections and your special place in your new “home away from home.”

Friendships come easily at SD. Everyone from our residential staff to our boarding and day students go out of their way to make you feel welcome and right at home. Orientation trips at the beginning of the year will help you to bond with your new classmates and establish cherished lifelong connections. Your new friends will introduce you to clubs and extracurricular activities which will help you deepen your connection to the SD community; in exchange you’ll get to share your special athletic, artistic, and academic talents with classmates and teachers!

SD Boarding Students Hanging out with a Dog
River Rafting Trip
Mathematics Class

At San Domenico, you will safely learn independence and resilience in a supportive and nurturing environment. Should SD’s top-ranked academic classes challenge you, your SD mentor, teachers, academic guidance counselors, and the International Scholars team will help you find your way. Likewise, our dorm prefects, residential faculty, and school counselor, are always available to talk with you about the people and things you might be missing back home, to help you solve problems, and to embrace your culture, cuisine, and perspectives!

SD’s close proximity to San Francisco, means you will have access—via public transportation and ferry—to one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world. In addition, weekend trips hosted by our residential life faculty provide you a glimpse of the beauty and fun that can be found in Marin County and all across the Bay Area. During the week, quick trips to local stores and restaurants for snacks and supplies are always available.

SD Student on Outing to see Golden Gate Bridge
Dorm Student Exploring Marin County

Our beautiful 515+ acre campus offers plenty to do both after school and on weekends! With most facilities open until 10:00 pm nightly, you can enjoy spaces like our student lounge and kitchen for popcorn and big screen movie night, our private music rehearsal spaces, our beautiful visual art studio, our 3D Makers Lab, and our athletics center just to name a few.

Ultimately, your SD experience will be what you make of it. If living and learning side-by-side classmates and friends from all over the globe sounds enticing; or developing a deeper sense of your place and purpose in the context of a larger world is your thing, or pushing your boundaries by learning new skills sounds exciting, then SD might just be the place for you!

Dorm Students in the Kitchen
Student in the Gym
Dorm Students BBQing

Graduate Spotlights

SD’s college preparatory approach and comprehensive college counseling program will support you to achieve your goals in high school and beyond. Whether you are striving for an Ivy League, a specialty school, or a small liberal arts college, San Domenico can help you get there.

Alumni Spotlight: Kwan Limbhasut '19, UC Berkeley

Alumni Spotlight: Kwan Limbhasut '19, UC Berkeley

Kwan Limbhasut came to San Domenico as a freshman boarding student from Thailand. Reflecting on the last four years and her impact as President of the Honor Society, and Middle School Volleyball Coach, Kwan says “I arrived as a shy, quiet girl and never dreamed I would become a leader.

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Alumni Spotlight: Yelson Yu '20, Babson College

Alumni Spotlight: Yelson Yu '20, Babson College

Yehan (Yelson) Yu joined the San Domenico community and boarding program in 9th Grade from Shanghai, China. “San Domenico encourages students to take steps forward. Teachers are very open to questions and they are always more than happy to help me go further with my ideas.

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