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The dorms have a leadership program that allows students to directly shape the community in which they live. The boarding student leaders, called Prefects, help in the management of the dormitories. Prefects are upperclassmen chosen for their dependability, maturity, community respect, personal integrity, and their ability to lead their peers as role models. They mentor new boarding students and help them to adjust to school life. Prefects also assist Resident Faculty in maintaining a positive atmosphere in the dorms and lead a variety of activities for boarding students. By leading by example, the Prefects set a positive tone in the dorms.

The following is a list of the 2019-2020 Prefects

Noelle Chan
Esme Fernandez
Anna Valadao Defaria: Head Prefect
Amiel Williams
Nora Okamoto: Head Prefect
Megan Li
Anaya Smith-Orr
Sophia Timpson
Lavender Yang

Dora Zhang
Andrew Xiang
Tony Tao
Milo Wetherall
Yelson Yu
Eric Liu
Tobe Ohajunwa
Irving Zhao


There is an official application and all boarding students that are returning for their Junior or Senior year are eligible to apply. There is a written portion (e.g. why do you want to be a prefect?), as well as an interview with at least one RF and perhaps a current senior Prefect. A student who is interested can contact any RF, but must apply in the spring when applications are open. The length of service is for one year initially, but a student can serve two years if they have shown both interest and aptitude for the job.