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Admissions Student Ambassadors

The High School Ambassador Program is a leadership opportunity for students who are dedicated to serving and representing San Domenico School. High School Student Ambassadors are current San Domenico High School students that want the honor and responsibility of representing SD to prospective families and the community.

Ambassadors represent a diverse group of student leaders possessing an in-depth knowledge of San Domenico, a passion to share personal experiences enriched by SD, and an affinity to represent oneself as an SD Panther.

In order to become a High School Student Ambassador, students must interview with a member of our High School Admissions staff.


  • The position has a one academic year commitment. (Fall-Spring)
  • Demonstrate strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Exhibits leadership, initiative, dependability, discipline, and enthusiasm.
  • SD Pride!


  • Hosting prospective students in class(es)
  • Participating in at least one Preview Day
  • Attending Ambassador meetings and training
  • Checking and responding to emails on a regular basis

Time commitment

  • Must be available to attend meetings, training, a Preview Day and host student visitors throughout the school year.
  • Must commit to working a full academic year beginning Fall through Spring

Ambassador Captains (Grades 11-12 only)

Ambassador Captains are 11th and 12th graders, who have been Ambassadors before and must apply for, and be interviewed in order to be accepted. They are fearless leaders of the larger ambassador group. The admissions team will look to them throughout the season for guidance and help.

This position comes with additional responsibilities including:

  • Help make necessary announcements at assemblies
  • Attend lunch meetings (if necessary)
  • Host student visitors, alongside other Ambassador Captains at lunch - minimum three times
  • Participating in visits to middle schools - minimum once
  • Leading Preview Days - minimum once
  • Attending off-campus fairs - minimum once

Dora Zhang - 11th
Tafari Norton - 12th
Fernanda Can - 11th
Angel Barrio - 11th
Alex Betz - 11th
Stephanie Friedman - 11th
Anaya Z. Smith-Orr - 11th
Conner Liang - 11th
Eden Roberts - 11th
Eric Huang - 11th
Esther Rose Daniels - 11th
Gemma de Vries - 11th
Josh Phythian - 11th
Kavi Subramanyan - 11th
Marlena High - 11th
Megan Li - 11th
Sophia Timpson - 11th
Tiger Liao - 11th

Tobe Ohajunwa - 11th
Vienna Rist - 11th
Natalie Taylor - 12th
Isabella Engler - 12th
Bella Rohner - 12th
Cate Olrich - 12th
Esme Fernandez - 12th
Ethan Ott - 12th
Grey Snyder - 12th
Izzy Kaplan - 12th
Josh Espulgar-Rowe - 12th
Lamont Jones - 12th
Van Cline - 12th
Melina Tseckares - 12th
Norika Terasawa - 12th
Parker Bizjack - 12th
Sophie Keith Brown - 12th