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Math - You Can Do it!

Math  - You Can Do it!

Half Day: $350
Ages: 10-13 | Lunch (Optional): $44/week


About This Camp

One of the fundamental learning assumptions we subscribe to at San Domenico is that every child can learn and be successful in Math. Taught by Claire Bukata, San Domenico's Middle School Math Department Chair, and Brooke Gelber, San Domenico's Lower School Math Teacher; this camp class is designed especially for middle school and entering high school students who have struggled with their confidence in math, and/or don’t think of themselves as a ‘math person’.

Good news! Brain research gives us powerful data which tells us that there is no such thing as a ‘math person’! Everyone can achieve in math!

This camp will celebrate the process of ‘doing math’ as we explore hands-on math problems and tasks and look at the big ideas required for success in math. We will explore a variety of activities and experiments that will engage students, teaching important mathematical concepts and building confidence. 

This camp will change your attitude about math and improve your ability to succeed in future math courses! Students will come away with a more positive mindset in mathematics, and the critical thinking skills to excel in math. 

Open to campers, boys and girls ages 10-13.


Camp Schedule

Session One

Monday - Thursday | July 29-August 1, 2019 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Claire Bukata

Session One Instructor

Claire Bukata is the San Domenico Middle School Math Department Chair. In addition to teaching at San Domenico, Claire coaches the Middle School Mathletes team, and brings her love of running to San Domenico as a coach for the Middle and Upper Schools’ Track and Cross-Country teams.

Ms. Bukata grew up in Chatham, New Jersey, and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Science in Special Education from Colgate University. Claire spent three and a half years in New York City working as a middle school math teacher and then as a learning specialist at the Cornelia Connelly Center. Upon her move to the West Coast, she worked as a math teacher at KIPP SF Bay Academy. Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time in the outdoors, reading, and hiking with her husband and dog.

Brooke Gelber

Session Two Instructor

Brooke Gelber has been teaching at San Domenico for twelve years and teaching over twenty years in total. Though she started her career as an elementary school teacher, her love of math, and Algebra in particular, led her to transition to Middle School. She spent 9 years at San Domenico teaching 6th grade math, Pre-Algebra and Algebra. In addition, she coached the San Domenico Mathletes’ team to victory for their first time in history! She has transitioned back to the younger grades, teaching second grade, but her love of math is still contagious among her students who typically complain when it’s time to go to lunch because they want more math time!

Brooke believes that anyone can do math and that there is joy to be found even in the most avoidant or anxious of math students…with the right teacher and the right mindset!