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Make It - Catapults Camp!

Half Day: $400 | Ages: 10-13


About This Camp

Come explore the craftsmanship and science of catapults in this hands-on camp. We will build several small catapults and one big one as we learn the skills needed to build, and science behind these captivating creations! Each camper will bring home a desktop-sized catapult intended to launch water balloons!

This camp is for kids aged 10-13.


Camp Schedule

Session One

Monday - Friday | June 17-21, 2019 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Dave Whaley

Dave Whaley is a California native who has lived in every corner of the state since graduating high school in San Diego. He earned his science credential and Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a focus on Science Education and Zoology, from Humboldt State. During his six years in SD middle school administration Dave was instrumental in bringing our 1 to 1 iPad program to life. His love for teaching returned him to the classroom in 2014, and allows him to continue building his strong connection with his students and their families. A ‘DIY'er’ at heart, he began teaching the Tinkering elective in the Middle School and helped bring the 3D Lab to life. He loves seeing every student learn to create and use their hands. In his off time, Dave can be found fixing things around the house, exploring the outdoors with his family and dogs, and staying active with his feet on a board or pedals.