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Advanced Filmmaking

Two Weeks: $1200
Ages: 10-18 | Lunch (Optional): $55/week


About This Camp

For the experienced film student aged 12-18. This two-week course takes an advanced and in-depth look into the artistic and different creative styles of the film/video making process.  From the first day of class, students are behind the camera gaining hands-on experience using numerous exercises to expose students to the many different types of filmmaking. Students will get extensive experience in script writing and character development, and learn how to professionally tell a story through visual composition, using advanced camera and editing techniques.  

The final project will involve the production of two or three films from one written script. This enables students to collaborate and understand how different stories can be told from different perspectives.  

Students will have access to the San Domenico Digital Media Lab with its cutting-edge equipment, range of digital and film cameras, lighting equipment, advanced editing software and much more.

Camp open to boys and girls ages 12-18


Camp Schedule

Session One (Two Weeks)

Monday - Friday | June 17-28, 2019 | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Jared Spires

Jared Spires directs the Upper School Video and Film Production at San Domenico. He championed the development of the department in 2015. The Video and Film Production Department at San Domenico is now one of the few four-year film programs offered in the Bay Area. Spires graduated from the Academy of Art University with a BFA in Directing Motion Pictures and Television. He has taught and mentored multiple students who have been accepted into well-renowned film festivals and has helped multiple students gain acceptance into revered film schools. Jared’s philosophy in filmmaking and visual storytelling is to really understand “the story” before even thinking about starting production.