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Musical Theatre Workshop

In this workshop, students will build their passion for theatre and gain confidence by learning vocabulary, staging, acting, singing and movement from popular musicals. Join Nicole Schuler as she takes these students on a musical adventure to the stage. Please wear workout clothing.

Sessions Schedule


Cost TBD.



Nicole Schuler

Nicole has worked with children and adults in many areas of the performing arts. She began her dance training at four years of age, and danced at the professional level throughout high school, college and graduate school, traveling locally and abroad. She earned her BA in Education and a Masters in Education/ Counseling (K-12) from the University of San Diego.

Nicole has directed, choreographed, and produced many shows starting at an early age. While counseling in Las Vegas, she developed a dance program at Woodbury Middle School, which allowed students to travel and perform in various venues. Several of her students were accepted into the competitive Las Vegas Academy of the Performing Arts and studied dance, musical theater, and singing.

Nicole’s enthusiasm and passion for the performing arts is contagious; she believes that every person should experience the thrill and confidence of being on stage. Nicole is also a mom of eight-year old twin boys who keep her on her toes!

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