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Uniforms & Spirit Wear


A school dress code plays an important part of our school culture by de-emphasizing clothing as a status symbol, promoting school spirit, easing morning routines and promoting a positive educational environment conducive to learning. The following is the approved K-8 dress code for SD.

  • Short or long sleeve polo shirts in cobalt/royal blue, kelly green, grey, black, khaki, or white from Lands End, Sideline Kids or a store of your choice.
  • Khaki or grey skirts, shorts, skorts, or pants from Lands End, Sideline Kids, or the store of your choice*.
  • Leggings or bike shorts in grey, black or white may be worn under skirts or jumpers.
  • Sweatpants may be worn in black, grey or white.
  • Sweaters, sweatshirts, and cardigans may be worn in cobalt/royal blue, kelly green, grey, black, khaki, or white (solid colors only-no stripes, logos, etc.) and purchased from Lands End or the store of your choice*.
  • Logos, other than SD logos, may not be worn.
  • Outerwear such as raincoats and jackets may be worn in your color of choice but must be removed in the classroom.
  • SD Athletic and Spirit Wear from our custom vendor or Sideline Kids (must include San Domenico logo), including sweatshirts, athletic shirts, athletic shorts.
  • SD approved event-related apparel such as that from school musicals, clubs, teams, Unity Day, etc.
  • Shoes must be safe, comfortable lace-up athletic shoes. No heels, boots, sandals, slip-ons, or flip-flops are permitted. Rain boots may be worn to school and removed in the classroom.
  • Socks of choice
  • Hair must be neat and out of the eyes.
  • Stud earrings only.
  • No makeup, hair color, or finger nail polish.
    *Resources listed below

This K-8 Dress Code is applicable Monday - Friday throughout the school year. Alerts will be sent for designated special dress days or SD Spirit Wear days. On SD Spirit Wear days, we request that students wear only blue or green Lands End casual wear or SD Spirit Wear to show their school spirit.

Free Dress Days

On Free Dress Days, students are allowed to wear, in addition to the clothing highlighted in the guidelines above, nice, casual attire that includes: shirts with sleeves, athletic or closed toe casual shoes, jeans, or casual shorts. Students are not allowed to wear tank tops, halter tops or shirts without sleeves, T-shirts with inappropriate sayings or pictures, cutoffs, bare midriffs, or clothing with holes or rips, running shorts, yoga pants (i.e., leggings), or pajama pants.

Consequences for Uniform Violations

Three violations within a quarter will result in an after school detention. Students will be asked to correct the violations when possible: remove makeup, nail polish, large earrings, or borrow a uniform shirt or sweatshirt from the Associate Director, etc. Abuse of privileges or serious violation of uniform policies could result in suspension or revocation of privileges for an individual student or the whole group.


Lands End

SD Athletic and Spirit Wear

Old Navy, Gap, etc.

  • Short or long sleeve polo shirts in cobalt/royal blue, kelly green, grey, black, or white
  • Khaki or grey skirts, shorts, skorts, or pants
  • Leggings or bike shorts in grey, black, or white
  • Sweaters and cardigans may be worn in cobalt/royal blue, kelly green, grey, black, khaki, or white


Faculty and student dress and grooming help maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning. Our dress code is based on appropriateness, cleanliness, and safety. In addition, all expectations and guidelines are derived from our core values as an organization that fosters respect among all individuals within the community.

For announced designated dress-up days:

For specific events at San Domenico, students are required to “dress up”. For these designated dress-up days, students are expected to wear dresses/skirts, nice slacks/pants and a collared long sleeve dress shirt. No t-shirts with prints or screen tees may be worn. No sweatshirts, including SD or college clothing, may be worn. Students are expected to abide by these guidelines. Students out of dress code, will be asked to change their clothing. The Dean of Students will provide the student with appropriate attire, if necessary. Should a student continue to wear inappropriate clothing, he/she will face further disciplinary action.

Upper School SD Spirit Wear is available at  9-12 SD Spirit Wear by Sidelines

Uniform Closet

As part of our community commitment to reducing our ecological footprint, San Domenico's Parent Service Association (PSA) offers as-available, gently used uniforms and spirit wear. Click here for more information about the Uniform Closet.