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San Domenico School Spirit Rally

San Domenico Spirit

San Domenico Spirit

Panthers fans are extremely passionate about our school, our teams, and our community events. We like to say that SD students have an entrepreneurial spirit and you see it in how they show up to support each other!

From athletic events like the annual Basketball Tailgate party to sports games with our biggest rivals, ecochic fashion shows, theatrical productions, art shows, and Spirit Week, the SD Panthers, Spartans, and Athenians are always abuzz.

What are Spartans and Athenians you ask? They're our K-12 Spirit teams that bring students together across school levels to build community, provide leadership opportunities for our older students, and promote a spirit of friendly competition and fun!

Become a Panther and you'll also become a Spartan or Athenian!

San Domenico Spirit

San Domenico Athletics

San Domenico Spirit