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Regional Boarding

Students Studying in Their Dorm RoomSan Francisco's Golden Gate BridgeSan Domenico offers a variety of menu options as well as soup and a daily deli and salad bar.

In addition to our day and full-time boarding programs, SD offers another option that we call “Regional Boarding” wherein students who live in the Bay Area have the option to board during the week and then return home for the weekends, or even for an evening if they choose. This is an increasingly popular choice for students who are seeking the benefits of a boarding school while living close to home.

Regional boarding is an appealing option for:

  • Students looking for more time in their days for extra-curricular activities and academics and less time spent in the car commuting
  • Pre-professional musicians
  • College-bound scholar athletes
  • Teenagers looking for more independence and more responsibility
  • Individuals eager to be in a more diverse community of local, regional, and international students and residential faculty

For more on our boarding program, click here.

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