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How to be anti-racist and curtail racism and injustice?

Below are some of the many books, articles, podcasts, and organizations our community has found of help in our striving for a more racially and socially just world. Please contact us with additional suggestions. 

1. Talk to your children with compassion about the pent-up frustration of the protesters so they know and understand the actions they are witnessing are a direct result of historical injustices.

2. Read books and articles together as a family to support conversations on race, racism, and resistance.

3. Speak up when you are witness to an injustice or some form of racism. Silence only serves to support and promote deplorable acts.

4. Volunteering in diverse settings can help build a cultural competency and build a more inclusive society. Consider local opportunities that can build relationships and support people in need.

5. Educate yourself through the eyes of those most impacted:

We also invite you to explore the Resources page at Blink Consulting, with whom our School works on much of our DEI professional development.