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Food Allergy Information

Click here to download information for parents of students with food allergies (PDF)

In an effort to provide a safe and supportive educational environment for all students, San Domenico has a nut-restricted policy. Nut-restricted means that peanuts, tree nuts, and nut products will be restricted in all Lower School and Middle School buildings, as well as other shared spaces such as the dining hall, gym, and library.

We ask all Lower and Middle School families to not send peanuts, tree nuts, or nut products in lunches or snacks for consumption at school. When providing treats for group consumption, please be sure they do not contain nuts. Epicurean, our food service provider, will continue to serve food in the dining hall that does not contain nuts. We will continue to take the following steps to address food allergies: no sharing of food, drinks or utensils between students, and no eating on buses unless medically necessary.

The Upper School will follow a policy of nut-awareness rather than nut-restriction. That means that all students and staff will be aware that there are children with severe nut allergies on campus and will take precautionary measures, such as washing hands and cleaning surfaces.

While School staff will put forth its best effort to enforce and monitor compliance with this policy, we cannot guarantee the absence of all food-related allergens in the school environment. We thank you for your help in making San Domenico a safe environment for all children.


Please contact Epicurean Food at San Domenico, General Manager Joyce Turchetti at