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Planned Giving

St. Catherine of Siena Bequest Society

The Society comprises individuals who have thoughtfully included San Domenico in their estate plans or wills. These gifts of forethought and generosity can take many forms, including bequests, living trusts, wills, and life income plans that name San Domenico as the beneficiary.

If you have made a provision for San Domenico in your will or estate plan, or would like information on ways to do so:

Call (415) 258-1931

Cri Cri Solak-Eastin ‘71

“Why have I chosen to give back to San Domenico?”

February 2015

“I was warmly welcomed by San Domenico 40-plus years ago when I transferred here my senior year, and embraced all over again by classmates during our reunion celebrations.”

“San Domenico was a great place to land and from which to launch. The School’s focus on the whole person – education, interests, faith and character – is extremely important to me. I believe everyone can give back to the school in ways large and small, and I have included San Domenico in my will. While I may be cash-restricted today, I still want to contribute to San Domenico’s future. The important thing for me is to give back.”

Cri Cri experienced a global upbringing in cities that included New York, Kayseri (Turkey), Colorado Springs, Boise, Brussels (Belgium), Brighton (England) and Carmel before moving to Ross in Marin County. Her parents were products of World War II. Her father escaped from Poland and served in the Royal Air Force as a decorated fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain. Her mother was British, serving in the Women’s Auxillary Air Force. They were married in England in 1947 and came to the United States in 1949. Her father was a structural engineer who, with her mother, valued education and sacrificed much to ensure that Cri Cri attended schools where the focus was on education, and where their own values were honored and lived out.

Cri Cri appreciated the structure and strong academic foundation she received in her early years. With a B.A. in International Relations from Pomona College, Cri Cri served as a White House intern in Betty Ford’s Press Office, on a task force of the Domestic Council under Nelson Rockefeller, as well as in the Department of Housing, Education and Welfare. She also helped write several books on international investment incentives with a former Domestic Council colleague. After Washington, D.C., she moved back to California, working in the Development Office of what is now the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where she met her husband of 36 years, Rich, who is a Professor of Business Economics. From there she went on to work for New York-based advertising agency N.W. Ayer as a vice president (DeBeers being one of her long standing and favorite accounts), followed by PR and marketing assignments for various jewelry industry groups once she decided to strike out on her own.

In 1998, Cri Cri and her family – including daughters Ashley and Chelsea (now 28 and 26 respectively) – moved from Pasadena to Templeton amid California’s scenic Central Coast in search of a different lifestyle. They planted a 20-acre vineyard with Syrah and Zinfandel wine grapes on their 42-acre ranch, and instantly became members of the local viticultural community where Cri Cri now directs some of her PR and marketing skills. Horses, a burro, chickens, dogs and cats grace their property.

While Rich is on the road to retirement after 44 years teaching at USC, the family is committed to community and church-related activities. Cri Cri is on the board of the Paderewski Festival in Paso Robles and they are both Deacons of their church. They love travel, appreciate mountains and the outdoors with hiking and beach walks, and share a love of cooking and local wine. Cri Cri rings handbells at church, attends Bible studies, fuels her love of reading with two book groups, and makes weekly trips to the Monterey Peninsula to spend time with her mother and see to her care. Their older daughter Ashley finished graduate school at UT Austin with an MPA and is in now fully engaged in the Audit Practice at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Houston. Their younger daughter Chelsea and her husband of almost two years, are in Charlotte, NC and loving it.

In these challenging economic times, Cri Cri’s sympathies lie with middle class families who desire a San Domenico education for their children but lack the means to pay full tuition. In her will, she has designated a donation to San Domenico for merit-based financial aid for deserving students applying to the Upper School. “This type of gift can be a critical asset for San Domenico in recruiting outstanding students, and I am pleased to make this commitment.”

Questions? Contact (415) 258-1931 or

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