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Thank you to all current parents, parents of graduates, grandparents, Dominican Sisters, friends, foundations, faculty, and staff who have contributed to, and supported, past Fund-A-Need projects. Your donations, time, and energy have brought the important projects below to fruition in years past.

2017 Fund A Need - $130,000 Raised!

Thank you to the many generous families and friends of SD who helped us raise nearly $130,000 to restore Kesterson Field.

2016 Fund A Need - $131,894 Raised!

Thank you to all who contributed to the refresh of Patricia Tobin Cooper Dining Hall. This gorgeous space is now being enjoyed by all of our students, faculty, and staff for meals and special events. None of this would have happened without last year’s gala chairs Amy Blake and Karen Duncan, our lead donors, and each and every community member who donated.

Click here to support the 2016 Fund-A-Need

2015 Fund A Need - $101,525 Raised!

Thank you to all who have contributed to the 3D Lab fund.
Click here for ongoing updates as we bring this exciting program and space to fruition!


We envision the 3D Lab at SD as both a physical space and a curricular approach that asks students to “Dream it! Design it! and Do it!” With meaningful intentionality in programs anchored by hands on, digital, and design thinking, students Pre-K through 12 will develop confidence, creativity, and mastery as they explore mathematics, science, art, history, language arts, and engineering with a sense of creativity, inquiry, and adventure.


With the 3D Lab at SD, we seek to prepare students for the realities of the 21st century by empowering them with the ability to use systems and design thinking to adapt to change in a complex global society. Through visioning, problem-solving, critical analysis, calculated risk-taking, constructive struggling, and collaborative, consciousness-shaping activities, students engage in invaluable, hands-on and experiential learning.

In the Dominican tradition of inquiry and service, it is not enough to just think about theory and philosophy. The 3D Lab at San Domenico will create yet another opportunity to bring service learning to life. With real world application of the Dominican values of study, reflection, community, and service, in the 3D Labstudents will be able to apply and bring forth their dreams to serve a more socially just, environmentally healthy, and economically vibrant world.


By utilizing a phased approach we ensure a strategic implementation plan that considers fundraising and a breadth of factors that can drive success for this program both in the short term, and for the long term.

PHASE I fundraising goal $75,000 to support professional development, space allocation and build-out, first round curriculum, supplies, and tools.


  • 3D printer
  • Laser cutter
  • Hand tools
  • Arduino micro controllers and sensors
  • Sewing machines
  • Snap circuits
  • Breadboards, and more.

Additional information, including Phase II and III plans,
available upon request.

2013-14 Fund A Need - $56,000 Raised!

Raised $56,000 for Audio/Visual Equipment for Primary School Assembly Hall and the Katherine Gaspar Gym.

In the gym, two Peavey CS300 Amplifiers, one Peavey CEL2A Compressor/Limitor, three SHURE SLX wireless mics, two TOA-M-900MK2 UL mixers, and a QF215D Audio Processor were installed to enhance the sound from four Peavey QW2F Speakers. All of this wonderful equipment is housed in a locked wall mounted cage, that has scalability to accommodate audio visual equipment in the future.

In the Assembly Hall, we Peavey QF215D and CEL2A adding a Shure SCM262 Mixer, and an audio visual setup including a wall mounted EIKI LX-200 projector and Da-Lite 9x12 electric screen. With the push of a couple buttons on the Extron control panel, the screen descends and the projector begins displaying. All rack mounted equipment has been seamlessly installed under the stage but is easily accessible.

2012-13 - $65,000 Rasied!

Raised $65,000 for the Garden of Hope Renovation.

The Fund a need donations made possible a complete renovation in the school garden to include upgraded electricity and potable water, a new toolshed, log style seating for 100+ people, decomposed granite pathway, relocated chicken coop, renovated pond and new planter beds with benches. The most striking features include a new beautifully upgraded outdoor kitchen with two islands that can accommodate a whole class for cooking and art classroom space with improved storage and sink. Both include new concrete flooring.

The garden is a place for our whole community to enjoy and it gets non-stop use. The renovations have provided a clean and comfortable space that can hold multiple classes and is now a wonderful place to hold meetings, workshops, gatherings and special events. Stop by and you might find Lower School students working on a seed counting project, Middle School students practicing violin amid the fruit trees, or Upper School students with iPads in hand, completing a biology program.

2011-12 - $50,000 Raised!

2010-11 - $63,000 Raised!

2009-10 - $66,000 Raised!