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San Domenico Annual Fund: Build, Learn, Grow

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this necessary? Isn’t tuition high enough?

All independent schools fundraise; in other words, no independent school charges the full price of what is delivered to students.

The San Domenico Annual Fund pays for the school’s most pressing operational needs and best special opportunities every year. Those who can give more help raise the bar for others who can give less; everyone should plan to give something.

Talented teachers, small classes, learning resources that public schools simply cannot afford, up-to-date technology, accommodations for different learning styles, a safe campus, exceptional offerings in everything from arts to athletics…your SD Annual Fund gift supports all of these people and programs. Your SD Annual Fund gift makes San Domenico unique.

If independent schools were run more like businesses, couldn’t they charge more for tuition and avoid having to ask for gifts?

San Domenico is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit institution. A for-profit business, whose mission is to make money, has different priorities than an independent school, whose mission is to provide children with an outstanding education. Unlike businesses, schools cannot get more efficient by combining classrooms or reducing staff without compromising the quality of the education we deliver.

High-quality schools are labor intensive and people-oriented; to offer competitive salaries and provide the programs parents want their children to have, independent schools have to raise tuition, create outside revenue opportunities, and ask you for a gift.

How much should I give to the SD Annual Fund, and how much of a difference can my gift really make?

We hope that our supporters recognize San Domenico as one of their top philanthropic priorities and see that their contributions have a significant and immediate impact.

The SD Annual Fund is spent on the School’s most pressing current-year operational needs. This means that your gift – no matter the size – makes a difference to every student and teacher right away. Your gift should feel meaningful to you, and appropriate to your financial circumstance.

Should I give to the San Domenico Annual Fund or to another program?

The San Domenico Annual Fund is our School's highest annual fundraising priority. We ask the generous supporters of our many programs to plan to make a San Domenico Fund gift first. The SD Annual Fund benefits every student, teacher, program, and extra-curricular activity.