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Parent Service Association (PSA)

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Welcome from PSA Executive Board President, Shino Cline

Shino Cline

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and is excited to start a new school year.

It is a great honor and pleasure to be serving as your PSA President this year. San Domenico has been a warm, welcoming community ever since our son joined the Middle School six years ago. Over the years, through various events and volunteer opportunities, I have met so many incredible fellow parents who have inspired me to engage in the community and to take on this great responsibility.

Every parent and guardian is a vital member of our Parent Service Association! I strongly encourage all of you to get involved and join our vibrant volunteer community. I believe you will find great joy and fulfillment by participating in this wonderful community.

We are here to support everyone in our community. Please feel free to get in touch
with me with your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you very much for your support!

Shino Cline
PSA President

Our involvement takes the form of:

  • Developing community among parents
  • Deepening parent connection with the school
  • Providing support for school-sponsored events
  • Bridging communication between parents and the school
  • Supporting fundraising opportunities through the Spring Gala, Fund-A-Need, Uniform Closet, and Scrip Programs, all of which broaden our children's education program, such as scholarships and professional development opportunities.

Community & School Sponsored Events

We have many community and school sponsored events over the course of the year. Listed below are just a few highlights:

  • Welcome Back Parent Fair
  • Fall Class Parent Socials
  • Annual Garden Fair
  • Spring Gala
  • Faculty & Staff Appreciation Week
  • SD for Literacy Week
  • Thank You Volunteers! Spring Social

In addition, the PSA works with the school faculty and administration to provide support for various classroom activities, class parties, field trips, and community service opportunities.

I encourage you to come and participate in these events. They are a great way to deepen your connection to your fellow parents and the San Domenico community while having a great time!

Bridging Communication

During the year, you will receive a weekly San Domenico communication with updates from your class parents to keep you well-informed and linked in with your child’s teachers and moderators.


As you have probably noticed, the PSA is very involved in all of the great community building events, school-related events, classroom activities, and fundraising opportunities at San Domenico...and we need your help to make it all happen. There are many ways parents can involve themselves at San Domenico. We encourage you to find the activities that are meaningful, rewarding, and fun for you. Whether you sign up for a “coordinator” position or “I just want to donate a few hours” position, your participation is welcome, needed and appreciated at any level. Visit the Volunteer page to learn more.

Your help is greatly appreciated by the Faculty and Staff!

PSA Executive Board 2020-21

PSA Executive Board

President – Shino Cline
First Vice President – Sandy Pfaff
Past President – Tara Evans-Boyce
Vice President, Upper School – Béa Richards
Vice President, Middle School – Iris Krause
Vice President, Lower School – Mike Nettleton
Vice President, Volunteerism – Tara Evans
Vice President, Community Building – Adam Karsten and Shannon Tithoff
Treasurer – Julie Ansara
Secretary – Nao Etsuki Lee
Chair, eScrip – Heather Davis


Kindergarten – Karin Castaneda & Holly Nettleton
First Grade – Rita Channon & Mercedes McNab
Second Grade – David Sohn & Dan McNamara
Third Grade – Courtney Orlick & Mary Churchill
Fourth Grade – Madeleine Wood & Alicia Brasch
Fifth Grade – Gennie Olbres & Amanda Sugarman
Sixth Grade – Jackie Garcia & Lori Shanoff
Seventh Grade – Amy Curby & Mabi Ellis
Eighth Grade – Adelaide Fulconis & Diane Marne
Ninth Grade – Julie Ansara & Amy Kaufman
Tenth Grade – Cindy Weaver & Bridget Cooper
Eleventh Grade – Sue Lee & Gyani Richards
Twelfth Grade – Elisa Rohner & Penny Hondrogen

PSA Executive Board job descriptions: Download pdf

PSA Meetings

PSA Meeting Minutes