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Parent Service Association (PSA)

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A Message from the Parent Service Association President

Tara EvansWelcome to the 2017-18 school year!

On behalf of the San Domenico PSA Executive Board, I wish to extend a warm welcome to every parent in our community. You are our Parent Service Association (PSA).

As a San Domenico alumna, I feel both humbled and excited to be serving San Domenico as PSA President this year. It is an honor to be appointed this position at such an integral time in our school’s history. I look forward to listening and working together with parents, students, faculty, staff, and fellow alums; initiating and implementing measures that add to an inclusive SD experience for all members within our community.

This summer I have been spending time thinking about journeys. At the beginning of my journey back to SD, I remember feeling initially enveloped by the warmth of being welcomed back into the San Domenico community, this time as the mother of two San Domenico Lower School students. In this moment, I recall feeling my personal relationship with our School community deepen into a sense of coming home to the campus that I love. As a parent, I am committed to the values that continue to be fundamental to our School: Community, Study, Service, and Reflection. Keeping these values in mind, we welcome every family with warmth and belonging into our San Domenico community.

San Domenico parents are inspiring people! Just as SD’s teachers encourage inquiry and a Growth Mindset, we too can teach our children that it is okay to take risks. Parents can take risks and try something new, too! On that note I encourage you to get involved. Personally, I love to volunteer because I meet the most creative, intelligent, and interesting people through my involvement in our community! Getting involved enables you to deepen your connection to our School and feel the generous and kind spirits of those who make up our community.

Working with you, we will nurture the PSA’s purposeful journey to support and enhance our children’s educational experience. I look forward to meeting you in person, and wish to emphasize that I am available for every parent to connect with. Please do not hesitate to reach out and set up a time to meet!

I would like to thankfully recognize all the current parent volunteers in our community who have already stepped into a variety of leadership positions supporting the PSA’s mission this year. Additionally, I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks for the way San Domenico faculty and staff members continually support the PSA board members, community, and events. It is in the union of our valuable partnership, that our children flourish at San Domenico and we all grow as a community, together.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Tara Evans-Boyce 90’
PSA President 2017-18

Our involvement takes the form of:

Community & School Sponsored Events

We have many community and school sponsored events over the course of the year. Listed below are just a few highlights:

  • Welcome Back Parent Fair
  • Parent Socials
  • Annual Garden Fair
  • Library Book Fair & Luncheon
  • PSA Spring Gala
  • Faculty & Staff Appreciation Week
  • Spring All School Service Event
  • Thank You PSA! Spring Social

In addition, the PSA works with the school faculty and administration to provide support for various classroom activities, class parties, field trips, and community service opportunities.

I encourage you to come and participate in these events. They are a great way to deepen your connection to your fellow parents and the San Domenico community while having a great time!

Bridging Communication

During the year, you will receive a weekly San Domenico communication with updates from your class parents to keep you well-informed and linked in with your child’s teachers and moderators.


As you have probably noticed, the PSA is very involved in all of the great community building events, school-related events, classroom activities, and fundraising opportunities at San Domenico...and we need your help to make it all happen. There are many ways parents can involve themselves at San Domenico. We encourage you to find the activities that are meaningful, rewarding, and fun for you. Whether you sign up for a “coordinator” position or “I just want to donate a few hours” position, your participation is welcome, needed and appreciated at any level. Visit the Volunteer page to learn more.

Your help is greatly appreciated by the Faculty and Staff!

PSA Executive Board 2017-18

2016-17 PSA

President - Tara Evans-Boyce
Past President -
Cindy Bollini
First Vice President -
London Fairborn
Vice President, Upper School -
Louise Owen
Vice President, Middle School -
Carrie Kaufman
Vice Presidents, Lower School -
Linley Kaye and Sharon Klein
Vice President, Volunteerism -
Allyn Campbell
Vice Presidents, Community Building -
Sara Kurtzig and Maureen Smith
Treasurer -
Scott Smith
Secretary -
Kimberli Keith-Brown
Chair, eScrip -
Linda Palermo
PSA Gala Fundraising Chair
- Bridget Cooper


Kindergarten - David Sohn, Felicia Rawlins
1st Grade
- Amy Salisbury, Mike Nettleton
2nd Grade -
Zuzy Lynch, Shyla Hendrickson
3rd Grade -
Zoe Crowhurst, Gennie Olbres
4th Grade -
Katie Sargent, Heather Wright-Oija
5th Grade -
Amy Phillips, Kristine Curwood

6th Grade - Jen Lefferts, Mimi O'Connel, Adelaide Falconis
7th Grade
- Heather Flynn, Meg Sorota, Kim Haas Hemsworth
8th Grade - Tina Fruhauf, Renee Fillabi, Maria Young

Freshman - Jeanne-Marie Crowe, Maureen Smith
- Shino Cline, Liz Dorfman, Stacy Walden, Jennifer Lopez
- Lynn Noyce, Julie Ansara
- Allison Brown, Christina Schunemann

PSA Executive Board job descriptions: Download pdf

PSA Meetings

PSA Meeting Minutes