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San Domenico School News & Events

Thanksgiving Food Drive 2018

Thanksgiving Food Drive 2018
November 2-16, 2018

Food Drive Total

Dear San Domenico Community,

Welcome to our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive. Last year we filled two entire trucks with cans and dried food. Our donations provided 32,000 food items for families right here in the Bay Area.

Our Mission

Our eponymous St. Dominic began his life as a wealthy student. He especially loved his collection of valuable annotated books. But in 1191, a terrible famine ravished Spain. And seeing the suffering, he sold all of his clothes, his furniture, and even his beloved books to feed his neighbors.

As St. Dominic went out to feed and serve his community, he underwent a spiritual transformation. He realized that the truth is not found in books. The truth is found in the human heart. And by hearing the stories of his neighbors, by empathizing with them, by serving them, he discovered his purpose in life and the great unfolding truth of humanity.

In the Dominican tradition we believe that the purpose of education is not knowledge alone. The purpose of education is to use that knowledge to become more compassionate and ethical and then to go forth to shape a better world.

Sometimes miracles are not extraordinary things. They are ordinary things done with extraordinary love.

Hunger in Marin

Many are surprised to learn that there are people right here in Marin who are at risk of hunger. In fact more than 51,000 residents of Marin County are currently in need of food assistance. Tough economic times, long-term unemployment, and the challenge of living in a high-cost area on a fixed income affect people across Marin County.

  • More than 51,000 residents of Marin county are in need of food assistance. To help meet demand, we've doubled our food distribution in Marin since the recession began.
  • Senior citizens are especially hard hit by hunger. One third of Marin's seniors live on a fixed income below the elder self-sufficiency standard of $27,000 per year to cover basic costs of living in Marin.

What foods to bring?

  • Soup, Chili, Baked Beans
  • Canned Vegetables
  • Cereal
  • Granola Bars

(No glass or perishable items, please!)

Thank you,

Mirza Khan
Director of Religious Studies

Food Drive Team Count