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San Domenico School News & Events

2019-20 PSA Executive Board

Shino Cline

The annual PSA Welcome Fair kicks off our new school with a festive gathering of families old and new. Thank you to PSA Executive Board President Shino Cline, mom to Lily (9th grade) and Van (11th grade), and all of our PSA Executive Board:

  • First Vice President - Sandy Pfaff (mom to Gabe in 3rd grade)
  • Vice President, Upper School - Bea Richards (mom to Jonah in 10th grade)
  • Vice President, Middle School - Iris Krause (mom to Julian in 10th and Leala in 5th grade)
  • Vice President, Lower School - Mike Nettleton (dad to Chloe in 2nd grade)
  • Vice President, Volunteerism - Devon Preston (mom to Piper in 8th, and Rainey in 6th grade)
  • Vice Presidents, Community Building - Bridget Cooper (mom to Maycie in 9th, Quincy in 5th, and Zara in 3rd grade) and Shannon Tithoff (mom to Wyatt in 10th, and Lincoln in 7th grade)
  • Treasurer - Jay Ginwala (dad to Nick in 10th, and Kyle in 8th grade)
  • Secretary - Nao Etsuki-Lee (mom to Isa in 11th, and Zoey in 8th grade)
  • Chair, eScrip - Heather Davis (mom to Luke in 5th, and Hunter in 2nd grade)
  • Past President - Tara Evans-Boyce (mom to Noah, 6th, and Isabella, 2nd grade)

There are many ways to get involved at SD. Please contact VP of Volunteerism, Devon Preston, for more information ( or visit