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San Domenico School News & Events

Grandparents and Special Friends Day
Grandparents Day March 29, 2018 at 9:00 am

On Thursday, March 29, students, faculty, and staff will welcome Grandparents and Special Friends to campus.

Join us for coffee and pastries in the morning, followed by a greeting from Head of School, Cecily Stock '77. Students from each school level will conclude the morning gathering with a brief performing arts showcase.

Following the opening assembly, guests are invited to accompany students to their classrooms, where San Domenico faculty will open their doors and share their classroom culture.

Throughout the morning, photographers will be on campus taking complimentary portraits. A map showing the location of the photo stations will be available the morning of the event.

Grandparents and Special Friends Day will be a noon dismissal day for all students, buses leave at 12:15 pm. Please visit the Bus & Transportation webpage for the full bus schedule.

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer during the event, please contact Deanna Bruton in the Advancement Office at (415) 258-1931 or e-mail Invitations have been mailed to grandparents and special friends. If you would like to RSVP for your grandparent or special friend or provide new contact information for an invitation to be mailed, please email Deanna.

We look forward to welcoming our special guests to campus!

Schedule of Events

Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts
9:00 am Reception
9:30 am Welcome
9:45 am Lower, Middle & Upper School Performances

10:15 am Classroom visits, complimentary photographs, campus tours
12:00 pm Departure (All school buses leave at 12:15 pm)

Driving Directions | Campus Map (pdf) | Event Locations

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Grandparents and Special Friends Day?

This day is for the students to share their own personal accomplishments as well as provide an opportunity to honor their guests for the impact they have on their lives.

Who Can Attend?

Either one or both sets of Grandparents or Special Friends (adults only, please) for each student are invited to attend. Reservations are a must as performance seating is limited.

May the students' parents attend the event?

Since this event is only held every other year, the attendance demand is high and we ask that only Grandparents and Special Friends attend. We want to make sure that all of the students' guests have very special memories to take home.

May more than one grandparent per student attend?


Where are the parking lots?

Parking is available in upper and lower areas. Campus Map (pdf)

May I reserve a parking space?

We're sorry but we are unable to offer reserved parking spaces other than for handicapped parking.

Is there handicapped parking? Where is it located?

If you have handicapped requirements, please let us know in advance so that we may accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.

Will there be vans to assist us to and from the parking lots?

There will be school vans to assist those who need assistance moving up and down the hill.

Where will the vans be picking up and dropping off?

Vans will be picking up in front of the Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts after the student performance and dropping off at the upper campus in front of the library and behind the Lower School. If you need to use a van going back down the hill, they will be available in the same areas.

How often will the vans be running?

The vans will be running every 5-10 minutes as needed.

Will there be refreshments available?

Coffee and pastries will be available at the reception.

I have more than one student I wish to see. Which classroom do I go to?

We ask that you visit your oldest grandchild/student classroom first. If there is more than one adult attending, each of you could attend a different child's classroom.

How will I find my grandchild/students classrooms?

After the student performance there will be student ambassadors and volunteers available at the entrance to the Carol Franc Buck Hall of the Arts to show you the way to the classrooms.

May we participate in the classroom visits only? Or just the performance?

The students love to share their classroom, campus and performing arts talents with visitors. While we hope that you will be able to attend all of the morning events, we understand that not everyone may be able to.

Are all the children in the school participating in the performance?

This year you can look forward to performances from students from the Lower, Middle, and Upper School


When can we get our portraits taken with our students?

Photos will be taken at designated areas on campus during the classroom visits. Look for signs around campus.

How do I get all my grandchildren/students together for our portraits?

The best way is for you to make arrangements with your grandchildren/students on where and when you will meet. We will make it easy for you to find photographers to take your group photos.

Questions? Contact or (415) 258-1931