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Weekly Reflection

Dear San Domenico,

This week is the beginning of Lent, forty days of inner reflection. Our modern life is all about finding answers, acquiring possessions, being entertained. Lent is the opposite. It is forty days of staying with the questions, of letting go of things, of remaining in the silence.

Contemplatives of every age and every religion have always sought the silence of the wilderness. Jesus himself lived for forty days in complete solitude. And we too are called to withdraw into a deep silence from time to time. Not with our books, our thoughts, and our memories, but completely naked in God’s presence – silent, empty, motionless, waiting.

Look at nature: the trees, flowers, grasses all grow in silence; the stars, the moon, the sun all move in silence. In the silence of the world, God is listening. And in the silence of the heart, God will speak.

Where do you find silence?


Mirza Khan
Director of Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions