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San Domenico School News & Events

Upper School Students Teach Second Graders Science Lesson About the Heart

Our Second Graders had a special group of instructors giving them a science lesson recently - our SD Seniors!

The Senior students did an outstanding job preparing fun and creative stations to learn all about the heart.  They had the younger students playing “Heart Bingo” - using heart vocabulary words, observing a model of blood flowing through a heart, making a heart-healthy snack of vegetarian sushi, making foam heart molds from a concoction of ingredients, and determining their heart rates before and after exercise.

It was a resounding success for BOTH grade levels, as you can see from the photos here. Second Grade teachers, Ms. Gelber and Mr. Bean, will use the heart rate comparison for future math lessons. Upper School science teacher, Mrs. Churchill, said the seniors really enjoyed working with the Second Graders - “They have so much energy!” And when the younger students were asked what their “takeaway” was, they ALL were amazed that their heart rate went up after exercise - we think that’s a great lesson to learn at a young age! Thank you to all the teachers, including Mrs. Huffman, for their ability to infuse joy into learning in the classroom.