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San Domenico School News & Events

SD Takes First Place at National Geographic’s GeoChallenge

Geo Challenge Team

Geo Challenge WinnersFirst, more than 1,100 teams from California entered National Geographic's GeoChallenge. Then, 21 students from San Domenico were selected to compete among the Top 15 teams. They traveled together to California State University Fresno for the March 29 competition. THEN, SD's Team Marine won First Place and will now be traveling to Washington D.C. for the national competition! Congratulations to Coaches Mark Churchill and Annemarie Robinson and all of the students who competed!
The GeoChallenge is a national competition designed to help empower the younger generation to develop a creative solution to a real world problem.

This year's topic was Tackling Plastic and dealt with the issue of plastic in our oceans. Teams responded to this critical issue by using research, collaboration, creativity, and communication to create and present real-world solutions. Students investigated watershed's all over the world and used design thinking to come up with solutions. They created models and campaigns and communicated their ideas in creative video presentations.

National Geographic Geo Challenge Competitors

No Planet B Team: Dashiell Fairborn, Ysaure Fulconis, Charlie Aspatore, Alex Spinale

Yangtze Team: Mia Taube, Sean Wu, Sammy Gerner, Jake Falkow, Annabel Pauli

Brisbane Plastic Solution: Eli Brigham, Nina Polyakova, Chloe Cronin, Christian Blom

Team Marine: Alex Collier Lake, Gavin Kennedy, Kayla Saxon, Hannah Zemke

Team Pollution Patrol: Mina Swaim, Vivian Le, Coco Holland, Luca Hines