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San Domenico School News & Events

SD Senior All Ready to Fight Fires

Siena Greenberg is a wonderful example of one of our many purpose-driven students!

Siena Greenberg is a shining example of one of our many purpose-driven students! She has a goal and is pursuing it relentlessly, most recently having been accepted in to the Novato Fire Explorer Program. She wants to be a firefighter and ultimately an emergency paramedic. Siena has been accepted into an excellent program that immediately starts her on her career path!

The Novato Fire Explorer Program provides an introduction to the fire services to youth ages 15 1/2 to 21 who have an interest in potentially pursuing firefighting as a career. Upon meeting the program's competitive entrance requirements, Explorers will meet twice a month, learning the ins and out of firefighting. They will have the chance to volunteer for community service activities with the Fire District, participate in public education events, including demonstrations, become mentors in the NFD’s Fire Squirts summer program, and have the opportunity to do a ride-along with the crews.

Way to go, Siena! We know you will be saving lives one day soon! We are very proud of you.

- Wynn Richards, Upper School Teacher and Mentor