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San Domenico School News & Events

Orchestra Sit-In Concert for Lower School Students and Families

Orchestra Sit-In Concert

On Thursday, February 14 (yes, Valentine's Day!), the Upper School Strings Orchestra (formally known as the Virtuoso Program Orchestra da Camera) will be putting on a concert specifically for our Lower School students and their families. A sit-in concert is one where the kids get to sit up alongside the musicians to see what it's like to perform in an orchestra. They'll play some pieces from their February 10 concert repertoire along with some surprises. We're hoping to also have Sinfonia (which includes a wide variety of instruments, including accordion!) and members of our Middle School orchestra join for the concert as well.

We are so excited to initiate this wonderful K-12 concert experience! It is such a joy for all the kids to be participating as leaders and learners. And an added bonus to have Lower School families join us for this special premiere event!

After the performance, there will be an instrument "petting zoo" for the kids to get a chance to try to play various instruments, and of course, it being Valentine's Day, there will be treats.

- Rob DeNunzio, Director of Music and Digital Arts