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Common Sense Media Tip of the Week - Types of Violence

Common Sense Media

Types of Violence

The debate about how much violence in the media affects kids is not new, but the discussion around it has gotten more complex over time. While kids who are at risk for exhibiting violent behavior seem to be most affected across the board, there are other wrinkles that make it harder for parents to be sure how much is too much.

But there's also the issue of what kind of violence or scariness has greater impact and what age is too soon. Is Fortnite better than Call of Duty for younger kids even though they both involve guns? Of course, the most important factors in the equation are a parent's comfort level and their knowledge of their kid, but research shows child development does matter, and types of violence can have different impacts. So gore, sex mixed with violence, killing without consequences, super-scary moments, and more may not seem to bother your kid, but they can affect thoughts, feelings, and anxieties. Setting some limits on violent and scary content can prevent potential negative impacts, and watching with your kid is best so you can help them make sense of what they're seeing.