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Common Sense Media Tip of the Week - Discord and Other Apps Your Kids Might Want

Common Sense Media

Discord and Other Apps Your Kids Might Want

Another month, another popular app teens can't live without. Sometimes they're not even new but have gained users through word of mouth and now, for some teens, are must-have apps.

Discord is a good example of a platform that's been around but has grown beyond its original use of chatting while playing video games. Now it's a place to create communities and is often just used as social media, no gaming required. While it can be a cool place to connect, it can also host some very mature content. TikTok (formerly has been popular for a long time but has suddenly reached stratospheric heights. Kids can use it to be creative and have fun, but it's important to use the settings to limit interaction with strangers. There are always others, and in the time it took for this information to reach you, there may be a new title making the news and creating angst for parents everywhere. Of course, you can always check with us to get info, but staying involved in your kid's device use is critical to being on top of whatever risks—and benefits—come with each download.