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San Domenico School News & Events

Note from Epicurean Re. Food Survey

Dear San Domenico Community,

Thank you for your valuable feedback regarding your/your child's school lunches!

To balance tastes, nutritional values and expectations is an ongoing challenge. Please know your Epicurean Team is committed to meeting this challenge! We love what we do and listen to you and your child. We make sure that there is a variety of healthy and variety of options available each day.

And, as some of your dining room volunteers may have noticed, I personally interact with students and ask them to taste items which are not yet on their tray/plate. We have a "Green Club" going.  To be a member, you need to eat something green!

Based on the food survey, we have implemented the below changes immediately:

  • No mustard / no mayo on cold sandwiches at the salad bars (fix up your own sandwich)
  • Added veggie panini to the menu
  • Added more protein to the salad bars (eggs, chicken, legumes, bacon, tofu)
  • Keeping drinks basic (Lemonade, Ice tea, Horchata, Jamaica)
  • All sauces on the side - marked
  • Croutons, Caesar salad dressing on the side as an added option to prepared Caesar salad
  • Less fish
  • More vegan / vegetarian soups
  • Keep the bread separate from the meat when serving sliders. Serve bread warm from the oven

We always are open and appreciative of your constructive feedback. If we can do it - we will!

Did you know?

We prepare food from scratch!

Fresh, Honest, Local.

All our soups, salsas are made in-house from wholesome ingredients. Our meats are grass-fed and roasted in-house as well.

Fun Fact

During the recent school's Canned Food Drive, we were able to donate Olives and Tomatoes only - no other canned food in our Epicurean pantry!

Thank you for the opportunity to nourish your child,

Patricia Kremer
General Manager, Epicurean Group