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San Domenico School News & Events

Marketing, Digital Media, and Communications Fellowship Program Launched

Marketing, Digital Media, and Communications Fellowship Program Members

This past semester, all Upper School students were invited to apply for the Marketing, Digital Media, and Communications Fellowship Program. This leadership position was designed as an opportunity for students in grades 9-12 interested in learning about marketing, digital content, and communications. Fellows help grow San Domenico’s online presence and brand across all channels and work under the direction of the Upper School staff and Marketing and Communications offices. We invite you to learn more at and follow us at:

Our first semester saw the development of videos, contributions to social media across all channels, and student-written reflections use in collateral materials and on our SD website. We wish to thank our pioneering team for ALL their ideas, enthusiasm, and content creation. We are so proud of all of their work, and are excited to see what they will produce next year in the program! The 2018 Fellows this year are:

Dora Zhang, Megan Li, Angel Yang, Kyle Nguyen, Holden Morf, Jo Yin, Judy Zhu, Julia Vierra, Bryan Min, Nick Ginwala, Mason Berry, Henry Ludlow, Max Ray, Tony Tao, Jack) You, Yiyun (Nina) Jiang, Greydon(Grey) Snyder, Joyce Kim, Julia Berman, Julian Olson, Ryan Samway, Kylie Sebastian, Dmitri Scal, Miranda Leane, Chugui (Tiger) Liao, Anna Valadao Defaria, Yuxiao (Lily) Qu, Hannah Kaye, Nok Hei (Noelle) Chan, Kezian Dunn, and Lily Ott

Mentoring faculty and staff include: Kate Reeser, Rob DeNunzio, Kimberly Pinkson, Max Barker, Shirley Li, Kirstie A. Martinelli, Jared Spires, and Stephanie Buechner.