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San Domenico School News & Events

How To Help Others While Sheltered In Place: Part Two


With so much time in our homes focusing on the needs and wellbeing of our families, it is easy to forget what is happening to people in our community who are less fortunate - the homeless, the hungry, the sick. By taking action to help others, not only do we make a difference for them, but our own spirits are lifted by doing good.

While these organizations are not taking donations of goods right now, the need will be greater than ever once we get to the other side of this crisis.

So, now is the perfect time for some spring cleaning. Spending time as a family going through closets, bookshelves, the garage, etc. and collecting things to donate is an easy way to support the most vulnerable in our community.  

And, working together deciding what to throw away, what to give away, and what to keep is a great way to connect, do something positive, and provide a real sense of accomplishment. It often brings back happy memories too.

— Gail McCallister, Service Learning Coordinator, K-8

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”
― Barack Obama

Here are just a few of the organizations that you can donate specific things to when it is safe to venture out:

1557 4th Street, San Rafael 94901

Bloom provides clothing to at no charge for people transitioning into a life of self-reliance. They have specific programs for children, women and men.

Hospice by the Bay (Hodgepodge Thrift Shop)
910 Lincoln Avenue, San Rafael 94901
Household Items, Furniture, Books, Clothing & Collectibles

You can support Hospice in providing the best possible end of life care by donating goods to their Hodgepodge Thrift Shop.

Ritter Center
16 Ritter Street, San Rafael, 94901
Food Items, Toiletries, School Supplies & Sleeping Bags

Ritter Center helps prevent homelessness and serves those who are living in poverty or who are homeless in Marin County.

809 Lincoln Avenue, San Rafael, 94901
Household Items, Clothes, Furniture & More

The revenue generated through the sale of gently used donated goods, funds job training and job placement services for local people in need. Thanks to your generous donations, Goodwill will help more than 1,000 chronically unemployed people in our community get jobs this year. Your donation can create the job that radically changes the life of a family struggling to break the cycle of poverty.

Salvation Army
351 Mission Ave, San Rafael
Household Goods & Clothing

Donations to Salvation Army family stores help fund rehabilitation programs that heal addictions, change lives, and restore families.

Global Book Exchange
852 Del Ganado, San Rafael 94903

Providing an environmentally conscious place for gently used books that are redistributed to local schools, shelters, hospitals and more.