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San Domenico School News & Events

Holy People of the World Community Reflection

Students and faculty gathered together to celebrate Holy People of the World, an honoring of individuals who devoted their entire lives to the ideals of truth, equality, and love. The holy people recognized in this annual event are from many religions, backgrounds, cultures, and historical times. Other grades also honored  diverse visionaries and changemakers with school-level events.

The Fourth Graders chose holy people that represented ideals that resonated with them. Parents, staff, and other students were treated to short biography speeches delivered by the students dressed in character. Older students presented the holy people in Dominican Hall, inspiring us in character with their deeply held ideals. And finally, our Upper School Art class created a beautiful chalkboard piece with images and words representing the holy people and their mark on society.

Each year we celebrate saints, holy people, visionaries and changemakers in order to learn about all the diverse backgrounds and religions they represent and to find  inner guidance about what ideals we want to practice in our own lives. We thank Director of Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions Mirza Khan for his work in coordinating these meaningful celebrations.

Please enjoy some images of the day here.