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Common Sense Tip of the Week: How to Talk to Your Kids About the Coronavirus

Common Sense Media

How to Talk to Your Kids About the Coronavirus

Whenever there's a natural disaster of any kind—from earthquake to illness—it can be hard to inform our kids in ways that are appropriate for their age, that maintain the truth, and that calm their anxieties. The coronavirus (COVID-19) presents us with that challenge.

It's especially hard when a crisis is unfolding, so we can't tell our kids the answers to all their questions. What we can tell them is what we know so far from trusted sources like the CDC. And NPR has a great resource just for kids . Because kids pick up on what we say and do—even when we think they're not listening—we need to be careful about our own reactions and the messages we're conveying. If they're in school, ask them what they already know so you can set them straight on any rumors they may have seen, read, or heard. And if your kid has a phone, remind them not to share every headline they see, as that can spread misinformation. And finally, while it's important to stay informed, having the news on all the time or scrolling endlessly through bad news affects us all negatively, so make sure to take breaks and spend some time relaxing and having fun together.