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Common Sense Tip of the Week: How to Keep Kids Learning When Your School Is Closed

Common Sense Media

How to Keep Kids Learning When Your School Is Closed

At this point in the pandemic, schools are closed and administrators are working quickly to implement remote learning. But, with the new reality of social distancing, there may be some gaps that you'll need to fill.

First, remember that we're all in this together: No one is totally prepared, and no one's approach will be perfect. That's okay, and kids will be fine. That said, there are plenty of resources available to keep kids occupied, entertained, and learning. For little kids who might be confused or overwhelmed, there are actually specific episodes that might be helpful, like "A Day Without Cuddles" from Doc McStuffins, and the song "Germs, Germs, Go Away" from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

For all ages, there are great lists of apps for learning, moving, and going outside. It's also a great time to get kids creating. Plus, there's lots of great educational TV and other solid streaming content for kids. If you don't want to visit the library but want to access materials, Kanopy and Libby are great services to do just that. Depending on your school's approach, there might be some opportunities for kids to pursue passions and some independent study as well. And if everyone just needs a moment to chill, you can all use a meditation app together. Communities everywhere are pulling together, as I'm sure yours is, and Common Sense is here for parents, teachers, and kids. So keep an eye on our site for more resources, and stay well!