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Common Sense Tip of the Week: How to Find Teachable Moments Using Media

Common Sense Media

How to Find Teachable Moments Using Media

Many parents have had that sinking feeling after sitting down with their kid to share a beloved classic from their youth only to get to a scene full of racism/sexism/other terrible messages, etc. But instead of covering your kid's eyes and singing, "La, la, la, la!" as loud as we can, we can turn that scene into a teachable moment.

Of course, it's harder when it takes us by surprise, but when we seek out media that introduces important topics, it can lead to a great conversation, especially if you're not sure how to get it started. Little kids usually need us to be the bridge between media and real life to make connections and put it all into context. And tweens and teens—who might go full eyeroll otherwise—are more likely to push past those awkward moments if you're talking about movie characters rather than about them. So, while you're reading and watching together, keep your eye out for opportunities to tackle some tough topics.