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Common Sense Media Tip of the Week - Supporting Sleep With—and Despite—Media

Common Sense Media

Supporting Sleep With—and Despite— Media

Remember when your kid was little, and trying to get them to sleep enough—or at all—was a huge focus? As kids get older, we sometimes lose sight of how important sleep is for both physical and mental well-being. Media and technology can easily get in the way of healthy sleep habits, so it's important to set expectations around devices and bedtimes.

First things first: Keeping devices out of bedrooms helps prevent trouble before it starts since kids sometimes use devices late into the night. Along those lines, having a clear routine that includes some tranquil time—screen-free—can help your kid settle in for sleep. And if you have the type of kid who takes a while to wind down, there are meditation apps for all ages that could be helpful (since looking at the screen is usually not necessary to use them), so long as the device is removed or locked down before final lights out.