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Common Sense Media Tip of the Week - Make Sure Media Doesn't Diminish Self-Esteem, but Builds It

Common Sense Media

Make Sure Media Doesn't Diminish Self-Esteem, but Builds It

Kids are bombarded with media images, representations of all sorts of people, and commentary about all manner of things. Unfortunately, not all these images and messages are positive. In fact, they can negatively affect self-esteem.

By now we all know that kids -- especially girls -- receive clear messages about how their bodies "should" look, and while those expectations are starting to change, many girls are still growing up not feeling confident about their appearance. It's also common for tweens and teens to compare themselves to others, and sometimes they don't feel like they measure up. Finding media that can actually build self-esteem via positive role models and messages is a solid place to start. And if your kid is on social media, there are ways you can clean up their feeds and adjust their experience to be more bolstering.