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Common Sense Media Tip of the Week - Love and Sex in Media

Common Sense Media

Love and Sex in Media

Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and while your kids may or may not be interested in romance, they're definitely getting messages about love and sex from the media. From movies to music, there are lots of ways kids get information about romantic relationships that might not align with the lessons you want them to learn. Of course, pornography is probably the most extreme example, and though we don't want to believe our kids will access or see it, it's possible they might, even if it's from a friend handing over their phone.

The best defense is to get out in front of it all by giving your kid accurate information and conveying your values about love and sex. You can also counteract the media messages your kids might pick up here and there with ones you choose and -- ideally -- share with your kid by watching with them. Though there's no way to completely control every single thing your kid sees and does, being open and honest with your kid and sharing your views gives them a foundation based on facts, trust, and -- yep! -- love.