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San Domenico School News & Events

Class of 2020 College News Part I

Dear San Domenico Community Members,

Every year it is our privilege to share news of the colleges, universities, and programs to which our seniors plan to matriculate. In light of the times, and in honor of the Class of 2020, we thought that rather than just send out our annual college letter, we will instead share a series of snapshots highlighting the plans of these inspiring graduates. At the end of the school year, we will share a culminating list of where and what our young changemakers, entrepreneurs, athletes, engineers, and artists will be doing next. We are proud of the senior class’s humility and understanding in such unforeseen and difficult times, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate them over the coming weeks.

From the beginning, the Class of 2020 approached their college process mindfully and intentionally, zeroing in on colleges and universities that reflected their values and supported their aspirations. The future plans made by each of our seniors demonstrate thoughtful consideration of college fit and an ongoing process of inquiry and self-discovery, both essential components of our college counseling program.

Our eighty seniors submitted 780 applications to 200 colleges across the world. With this, 95% of our seniors were admitted to at least one of their top five college choices overall - an outcome representative of SD’s commitment to both academic preparation and purpose-driven post-secondary planning. On top of all of this success, the Class of 2020 also netted over $7 million dollars in merit or talent based scholarships over the next four years - a strong representation of their academic and artistic capabilities.

Please join us in congratulating all of our seniors on their accomplishments as well as their resiliency and leadership, which has been even more evident and impressive these last few months.

Best Wishes,

Melissa Martin
Co-Director of College Counseling
    Katie May
    Co-Director of College Counseling


Lily Cummings, Barnard College

Allegra Diaz, University of Hawaii at Hilo

Madeline Feng, University of Southern California

Hannah Kaye, UCLA

Ethan Ott, Boston College

Luci Paczkowski, Wesleyan University

Norika Terasawa, Sophia University

Anna Valadao Defaria, Lehigh University

Yelson Yu, Babson College

Jessica Zhou, Cornell University