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San Domenico School News & Events

A Message from Cecily Stock, Head of School

Dear Families,

I am filled with gratitude for the incredible parents and guardians we have here in our SD community! Between the Upper School Crab Feed last weekend and the generous gifts offered during the PSA Faculty and Staff Appreciation Week, our appetites are satiated, our spirits are lifted, and we are inspired as ever to continue to serve you and your children. Thank you for the delicious meals and treats, the warm morning cocoas, coffees and pastries, the massages, and the time put into organizing these and so-many-other events!

Spirit Week in the Middle and Upper Schools has also brought festivities to campus the last few days, and the timing could not be more perfect to celebrate! As you can read about at the following link, Varsity Basketball player, senior Kayden Korst broke a school record when she shot a three-pointer in this week’s game against Convent, bringing her career points to over 2,000! And seniors Will Noyce, August Mesarchik, and Aidan Kwasneski were profiled in another Marin IJ story about their success as filmmakers; congratulations especially to Will on being selected from over 7,000 applicants nationwide as one of eight National YoungArts Cinematic Foundation award winners!

In academic news, our SD Mathletes once again placed in the Top Three in Marin County, an ongoing San Domenico accomplishment for over ten years now! I am also thrilled to share that in follow up to our K-12 Innovation Lead, Aran Levasseur, attending Stanford d.School’s Project Wayfinder last summer for professional development, we are piloting a senior elective with their curriculum this year AND San Domenico was selected to host the d.School’s Project Wayfinder Institute here on campus June 17-21! Project Wayfinder uses wayfinding as a metaphor to equip the next generation with tools to unleash purpose in their lives and meaningfully contribute to the world they are a part of. This practice is in strong alignment with our commitment to providing not only exceptional education but, also, a sense of purpose. We intend to integrate Project Wayfinder into our other programs and disciplines, including offering it as a class in the Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religions Department. To learn more about Project Wayfinder, visit their website at

I'd like to close with a link to an inspirational podcast produced by our Innovation Lead and Humanities Faculty, Aran Levasseur, Hungry Minds: The Power of Curiosity, Questions, and Dwelling in Possibility. In this episode, two SD seniors reflect on what they found most meaningful in their Philosophy Class, the Wisdom of Chaos.

Parents, the tremendous support you provide our teachers and staff is invaluable and makes an SD education possible. Thank you!

Best regards,

Cecily Stock '77, M.A., J.D.
Head of School