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Meaning and Purpose

"The biggest problem growing up today is not actually stress, it's meaninglessness"

- Dr. Bill Damon, Stanford Center for Adolescents

At San Domenico, providing an exceptional education and a sense of purpose has been at the heart of our mission for over 170 years. We know that purpose is not defined by one college or career goal, but by a toolkit of skills and inner-knowing that our students can draw upon for guidance, inspiration, and support throughout their life, long after they have graduated from SD.

SD teachers and program directors develop all curriculum and programs through the lens of our core values, Study, Reflection, Community, and Service. We create opportunity for students to explore big questions and intentionally infuse purpose and meaning into every learning experience. In short, we help students develop knowledge and tools that will help them find a path that will lead to successful college and career pursuits, and a happy, meaningful life.

It’s one thing to talk theory. It’s another to see it in action. Below are some stories of how we bring purposeful education to life here at SD.