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Erin Greenwell

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Music Conservatory
Voice Instructor

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At SD Since

Erin Greenwell is an award-winning vocalist and budding songwriter who has entertained crowds all over the western United States, parts of East Africa, as well as Brazil with her rich and soulful sound that covers everything from Jazz to Rock to R&B and Soul. A graduate of Marin School of the Arts, Erin made her musical mark at a young age by winning multiple Awards of Excellence at various Jazz Festivals and helping to pioneer the Rock Program at Marin School of the Arts. Erin is also a proud alumna of Youth in Arts’ A Cappella group ‘Til Dawn.


In 2010, Erin Co-Founded and Assistant Directed Own the Mic: Marin’s first camp dedicated to singers. Incorporating Gospel Choir, Advanced Jazz Choir, Small Contemporary Ensembles, Theory and Ear-training, Music Appreciation, and various performance master-classes, Erin has helped develop an eclectic and engaging program for aspiring singers of all levels.


In 2012, Erin received her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Puget Sound where she studied Classical Voice under Catherine Lehmann along with Music and Sociology. During her undergraduate years, Erin traveled to Uganda, Rwanda, and Brazil where she explored the link between social justice and the arts, furthering her passion for cross-cultural creative expression and arts education. Now back in the Bay Area, Erin is teaching Vocal Music as a Mentor Artist for Youth in Arts programs across Marin and Sonoma, teaching private voice lessons, and performing full time with such groups as the Bobby Young Project and rock legacy Miles Schon. Erin has recently shared the stage with Bay Area royalty “It’s a Beautiful Day,” as well as performed at the prestigious 2013 NAMM showcase in Los Angeles.


Having previously taught San Domenico’s Middle School chorus and advanced vocal ensembles as a substitute teacher, Erin is ecstatic to join San Domenico Music Conservatory in their mission to build well-rounded musicians and professional leaders. Her lessons include a strong emphasis on healthy vocal technique and breathing, power and control, creative expression, performance, and fundamental musicianship.