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Shirley Li

Employee Information

Upper School
Mandarin Teacher

Contact Information

School Phone
Room / Office
US 216

Education & Achievements

B.A. in English, Yantai University
Teaching certificate in Chinese Mandarin, California State East Bay University
California Subject Examination for teachers (CSET) in Mandarin
Executive committee member of the Chinese Language Teacher's Association of California (CLTAC).
Executive committee member of the Chinese Language Teacher's Association of California (CLTAC)


At SD Since
Shirley Li was born and raised in the Shandong Province of Mainland China. She received a B.A. in English from Yantai University and completed her teaching certificate in Chinese Mandarin from California State East Bay University. She also passed the California Subject Examination Test for teachers (CSET) in this subject. She is a journalist and a freelance writer, and she continues to work as a columnist with the Chinese World Journal, an international publication. She is also an executive committee member of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of California (CLTAC). Shirley immigrated to the United States 25 years ago and is the mother of two daughters, Rena and Taylor. She has taught extensively for the last eight years and employs engaging and interactive teaching methods, using the Total Physical Response (TPR) method, and has fully followed the 5C's, California Foreign Language Teaching standards: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. In her free time, she enjoys taking care of her garden, her pet chickens, and crab fishing.
“My favorite part of being a member of the San Domenico community is the wonderful and innovative community of students, faculty, and staff! Everyone is so incredibly support and encouraging.”

Professional Development

  • Judge for the Annual Mandarin Speech Contest in San Francisco-High School and College Division