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Cristina Marcu

Employee Information

Music Conservatory
Piano Teacher

Contact Information

School Phone
415-258-1990   x1752


At SD Since

Cristina Marcu is an accomplished pianist and teacher of Romanian decent, and is a graduate from USC Music School, teaching piano for over twenty years to students of all levels. She enjoys teaching with both classical and contemporary ideas, as it allows her students to be open to the spontaneity of the creative moment. In her lessons, students are encouraged to use their imagination and learn to become independent musicians with a healthy sense of creative freedom. Tone color is one aspect of Cristina’s expertise, and she guides her students to listen and explore the joy of sound-making. This can be accomplished as the student finds his or her unique way of connecting to the instrument and develops a sensitive curiosity to what is possible. How to play the piano is the initial goal, and an emphasis on how to learn inspires the student to receive a balanced experience in discipline, musicianship, and creativity. Music theory, improvisation, and composition are an integral part of Marcu’s style of teaching. Cristina Marcu is an active member of MTAC and all her students have opportunities to perform in recitals, the Piano Honors program, competitions, and master classes.