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San Domenico School - an independent PreK-12 school in Marin County, California: San Domenico School Custom

Weekly eBulletin: Thursday, March 8, 2012

Important Dates

3/8 - HS - Varsity Soccer @Leadership, 4:00pm

3/9 - PS - Grade 1-5 Parent Meeting

3/9 - PS - 2nd Grade First Reconciliation

3/9 - MS - 7th Grade Movie Night, 6:30 pm, Room 102 (Mrs. Robley's Room)

3/9 - HS - "Women in Music" HS Preview, 2:00pm

3/11 - ALL - "Women in Music" Virtuoso Program Benefit Concert, 3:00pm

3/12 - PS - Grade 1-5 Conference Week, through 3/16

3/13 - MS - iParent Education Class, 8:30-9:15am, Room 211

3/13 - MS - 8th Grade Coffee, 8:30-10:00am, The Rowell Home

3/13 - HS - Varsity Soccer @San Francisco Waldorf, 4:00pm

3/13 - HS - Varsity Badminton @Convent Sacred Heart, 4:00pm

3/15 - PS - Grade 1-5 Noon dismissal, through 3/16

3/15 - ALL - Drowsy Chaperone, HOTA, 7:30pm through 3/17

3/15 - HS - Varsity Badminton vs. Lick-Wilmerding, 4:30pm

3/15 - HS - Varsity Soccer @Gateway, 4:00pm

3/19 - PS/MS - Faculty Writing Day - No Classes

3/20 - PS/MS - Spirit Week, through 3/23

3/21 - PS - 4th Grade Bake Sale

3/22 - PS - Water Conservation Assembly, 12:15pm

3/23 - MS - Funfest

3/24 - ALL - Cirque de San Domenico Gala

3/29 - ALL - MS Musical - "FAME", through 4/1

In This Weeks Bulletin

Message from Head of School David G. Behrs

Dear Parents, 

I am looking forward to two important events on campus: the first is 2nd Grade’s First Reconciliation, which will be tomorrow in the Chapel. This commemorates their growth in faith and as part our of San Domenico family. I’m particularly proud of how we welcome all faiths into the fabric of a Dominican education. 

And just in time for International Women’s Day, the second event to mention is Sunday’s benefit  concert ( for scholarships -- join us at 3pm for incredible music written and performed by women. 


From the Desk of the Athletic Director

The athletic department is in high gear these days. Our Girl's Varsity Basketball team ended their great season last night with a gallant effort against last year's Champions, Pinewood High, in the Nor Cal Basketball Playoffs down in Los Altos Hills.The Varsity Girl’s Soccer begins their season this week along with our Varsity Badminton Team. In the Middle School the 8th grade physical education class will be receiving some extra fitness training for the next five weeks as trainers from Ross Valley Cross Fit ( are attending their class twice a week and providing them with incredible fitness instruction and an unbelievable fitness workouts. This program is new and it has been exciting for our athletes who will move on to high school level next year. There is more - the Middle School and Primary School students are starting their spring season with practices for both Soccer and Track and Field. It has been an action packed year so far with many great moments and accomplishments. Come out and support these great student-athletes of all ages as we look to finish the Spring Season with our strongest showing yet.

Go Panthers!

Dan Gilmartin

Important Updates About The Cirque de San Domenico Gala on Saturday, March 24th

Don't forget to RSVP to the Cirque de San Domenico Gala which will be held on Saturday March 24, 2012. Hurry! The early bird special is over on Friday, March 9, 2012. The price goes up to $150 per person after that date. Click here to watch the Video for YOU! (<./a>)

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Grades PK-5

NAIS Conference, Seattle WA - "Innovation"

Dear Primary School Family and Friends,

As written to you last week, head of school, Dr. Behrs, hosted all three division heads to the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) annual conference. NAIS celebrated its 50th year of providing services to over 1,400 private schools in the United States. The conference enabled us to exchange ideas with colleagues on a national level. Above all, the conference offered all attendees numerous opportunities for professional learning and growth.

It is impossible to summarize a comprehensive 3-day conference that included 15 featured speakers and a choice of 100 workshops to attend. That said, I wanted to provide you with a brief sample of a few of the general sessions and workshops which I attended, using the theme of this year’s NAIS conference: Innovation - Imagine - Invent - Inspire - Dream

Bill Gates provided a wise perspective on 21st century education:  the formal content of what we teach has not changed, but the classroom has changed dramatically with the introduction of 1:1 “tablet” devices.  Bill Gates emphasized that the 1:1 tablet device enable teachers to personalize and customize the instruction, thereby drawing students into the formal content of instruction. Kudos to San Domenico for being well ahead of the curve and implementing the 1:1 iPad program in grades 6-12 this year and grades 4-12 next year. 

The “Design Thinking” workshop in which I participated truly confirmed that in education you “begin with the end in mind.” Given the access to technology, students can actually imagine, design and build a curriculum related project.  No doubt, access to technology increases project based, relevant learning for our students and cross grade level modeling, collaborating, and sharing of ideas.

John Medina in “Brain rules for Education” focused on current behavioral research which indicated that the less stressed and more harmonious and supportive the adult environment for children, be it at home or at school, the more receptive the child’s developing brain will be to processing, learning, and ultimately producing original, creative thought.

John Hunter, a self-effacing, modest teacher, was one of our most inspirational speakers.  Inspired by Gandhi’s teachings and the principles of non-violence, and accepting the fact that violence is a reality in the world, he designed a classroom “World Peace Game” that can be played by students as young as fourth grade.  As a class, students participate in the game on teams learning world geography, the power of finance, military strategies and political negotiations.  Peaceful resolutions must be attained in order to win the game.  Watching students play “World Peace” you understand that their learning extends far beyond game concepts and provides strategic lessons for life.

NAIS President, Pat Bassett, outlined 10 school initiatives for the future at the President’s Breakfast and Annual Meeting.  These initiatives ranged form individual character development and critical thinking to the globalization of independent schools.  Without exception, I can confidently tell you that San Domenico has already identified each of these 10 initiatives in our current planning before they were addressed by the NAIS president.

The national conference affirmed that San Domenico is truly in a leadership position in its direction and planning for the future. The conference also reminded us that continued hard work and much effort is needed to carry out these essential initiatives for your children.  The opportunity to be able to step away from the daily life of school restored perspective and enabled us to realize how much we are truly accomplishing at San Domenico.

All the best,

Helping Sr Donna

After planting the bulbs this fall and weeding and watering in our Garden of Hope, fifth graders helped Sr Donna cut daffodils. Sr. Donna brought the daffodils to Lourdes and Dominican Convent. We even used the blooms of the flowers to reinforce fractions and symmetry in math class! Thank you, Sr Donna for bringing this long standing tradition to San Domenico, in honor of your mother.


Collecting Gently Used Children's Books

The 5th grade Leadership class would love any gently used children's books (from board books through 5th/6th grades) for the Lenten Book Drive, held in late March which raises money for Homeward Bound. There will be a collection bin in the Primary school in Joanne Brew's room, (next to the Primary School Office), but if you have a large amount, we would be happy to pick up at your home or arrange an easier drop off. Please email Barry Kuhn if you have questions or desire a pick up at

Tech Bytes

This week it is challenging to focus on just one “Tech Activity” in the Primary School!  Here’s what comes to mind when I’m in and out of the classrooms - Joann Brew has her 5th grade math classes creating iMovies to show a deep understanding of division and ratios - Brian Kaplan is moving his 4th grade science classes ahead by encouraging participation in the 1st Annual World Science Day - Carlos Zerzan is using Voki avatars to let his Spanish students practice their oral fluency - Lauren Murphy is using  Pizza Fractions: Beginning with simple fractions to engage our young 3rd grade mathmeticians!  Our second graders placed in the forefront during World Math Day -- and Meade Guignon has her 1st grade readers using the SpellBoard app with individual log-ins to work on dolch site words - Kelly Steers has her math classes utilizing Khan Academy...and our Senior friends are having a great time exploring interactive Bob Books on their iPad centers!

Has technology changed our classrooms?  Yes! The teaching teams have been able to tap into student interest and introduce or reinforce their lessons through hands-on, relevant apps and websites.  We are adapting our teaching methods including appropriate project-based learning - and modeling “life-long learning” for all our students.  Looking ahead to even deeper technology integration next year, we are working closely with our Middle School teachers to find out more about what is working so well - and what pitfalls have already been encountered during this remarkable year. In the true spirit of community, we will be visiting other classrooms and watching first hand how other teachers and students are using iPads, laptops, digital cameras and interactive projectors to Educate. Engage. Empower. our amazing students.

In closing, I have to celebrate another year of participation in the World Education Games.  Our students in grades 1-5 have been engaged in World Spelling Day, World Math Day and World Science Day.  Congratulations to all the students and teachers who supported this global challenge to unite the world in learning!

I would like to especially acknowledge the top finishers in each age division:

World Spelling Day
Ages 4-7:  Milan Hines
Ages 8-10: Will O’Hara
Ages 11-13: Ben Modlin

World Math Day
Ages 4-7: Garrett Goldberg
Ages 8-10: Nathan Le
Ages 11-13: Ben Modlin

World Science Day (in progress)
Ages 4-7:
Ages 8-10: Abby Stover
Ages 11-13:

…..and what a week it was!

--Carol Mosley

Grades 6-8

Message from Dave Whaley, Middle School Assistant Division Head

Dear Middle School families,

We only have one week until the final quarter of the school year! We all know our students have been busy and working hard, but I thought it might be nice to share with you some of the exciting activities of our hard-working faculty and staff. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Kate Reeser is not only gearing up for upcoming high school decisions, but also meeting with 7th grade students and their families to prepare for next year’s high school application process. 
  • Lisa Richter, Pat Hamilton and our school nurse, Ana Aranguren, are meeting with 6th-8th grade classes and teaching our Human Sexuality program. 
  • Our class moderators are hosting parent coffees and movie nights. 
  • Krista McKeague and Brooke Gelber are presenting "iPads in Math" at the CAIS "Mathematics Professional Day". 
  • Kali Baird is presenting another round of iParent classes. 
  • 6th grade history teachers, Wynn Richards and Natasha McKeown, took all 75 6th grade students to the Egyptian Museum in San Jose. 
  • Cecily and the other Division Heads, along with Dr. Behrs, just returned from the annual NAIS conference in Seattle. 
  • I am gearing up for Spirit Week which will kick off the 4th quarter.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the real work is still being done on a daily basis in the classrooms by our incredibly dedicated faculty!

I invite you to pay close attention to the school calendars and your email; we may only have 3 months left in the school year, but there is a lot going on and we don’t want you to miss anything!

See you around the campus,

iParent Education Classes Offered!

You are invited to attend an iParent Education class Tuesday, March 13th from 8:30am-9:15am in room 211 of the Science and Technology Building.

Please RSVP to and include a question or topic that you would like to address.

We look forward to seeing you!

--Kali Baird

6th Graders Go To Egypt

Well, to the Egyptian Museum, that is! Despite the bus (mis)adventures, 6th graders enjoyed seeing the incredible animal and human mummies, amazing artifacts, and a dark and creepy tomb of the ancient Egyptians last week. After studying Egypt, it was especially interesting to see the real things. Thanks so much to our wonderful parents chaperones, some of whom were last minute volunteers, for helping make the trip a success!

--Wynn Richards and Natasha McKeown, History teachers

6th Grade Basketball

On Saturday, March 4, the San Domenico Girls 6B Green team clinched a playoff spot with a hard fought victory over St. Anselm. The pesky Panthers finished the regular season with a 5-3 record. They have been led all season by the outstanding play of Brooke Grialou, Cassidy Kovell, Kaylia Leitch, and Ashley Thompson. Stay tuned for next week’s CYO 2011-12 basketball season recap.

--Coach Mike Fulton

Service Club Fundraiser

Service Club will be having a root beer float fundraiser this week to support the creation and distribution of "Joy Jars" to children battling cancer in hospitals. At our Service Club meeting, and then during Morning Meeting, we saw a video created by San Domenico 8th grader, Hanna Gammon, that tells the story of a 12 year old girl, Jessie Rees, who passed away in January of a cancerous brain tumor. Jessie started “joy jars", jars full of toys for children in hospitals with cancer. Jessie invented an acronym, “NEGU”, which stands for Never Give Up. The Service Club looks forward to supporting this worthy cause. Follow this link for more information about Jessie's story and Joy Jars:

--Rob Shoshoua, Service Club Moderator

8th Grade Parent Coffee

Please join us Tuesday, March 13, 8:30-10:00 A.M. at Kelly Rowell's home for the 8th Grade parent coffee.

Topics: High School Acceptances & Graduation Activities

This is a very important meeting to attend, as it will address high school acceptances and protocols as well as graduation activities. We strongly encourage at least one parent from every 8th grade family to attend. Please remember to RSVP to Deborah Fugate at if you plan to attend. We will start at 8:30 am, but if you are dropping your children at school and need to arrive earlier, check with Kelly, and I'm sure it will be all right (especially if you are bringing something or helping to set up).

--Deborah Fugate, 8th Grade Moderator

Exploring Everest

This week the 6th grade students were treated to an awesome presentation by 6th grade parent, Colin Lynch, on his summit of Mount Everest! The students watched a slide show that took them through the challenging adventure while showing them the stunning geography and indigenous peoples. Mr. Lynch also  brought many of the supplies that he used including his tent, ice gear and sleeping bag that can keep one warm in 40º below zero temps!

--Kali Baird, Science

Margie Burke Speech Tournament

This spring San Domenico Middle School will once again participate in the Margie Burke Speech Tournament at Ross School on April 28th. This tournament draws over one hundred students from fifteen Marin schools. There are several possible events, including writing an original speech, reciting a famous speech, or delivering an impromptu speech. All the events are interesting and exciting and they all encourage memory, communication, and self-confidence.

All of our Middle School students may participate. I will be helping students sign-up, choose an event, and prepare. And starting March 2nd I will be offering a special practice time during Friday activates. Participating in the activity is not required in order to compete in the tournament, but it does provide some extra practice. During the next several weeks I will be meeting with all interested students, picking events and speeches and registering them for the competition.

--Mirza Khan, Religious Studies

Women's History Month

March is celebrated as Women's History Month.  The library has on display dozens of print resources for students and staff. Our Librarian, Scott Fletcher, has placed small reminders (short biographies and quotes) of celebrated women around campus. Visit San Domenico’s Library homepage ( for online resources related to Women's History and the annual celebration. There are also a few links to local, bay area events, including one that is being hosted at San Domenico, Saturday March 24th.

Prayer of the Week

Violence never again!
War never again!
Terrorism never again!
In God's name,
may all religions bring upon earth
justice and peace,
forgiveness, life and love!

--Pope John Paul II

Grades 9-12

Words from Dean of Student Life, Mimi Latno

As we enter Spring, the signs are obvious all over campus. The lone liquid amber near the Library that never lost its rich red leaves through the winter now has company with fragrant blossoms trees surrounding it. Girls are once again sitting outside for lunch, basking in the sun and their energy is sparkling. Our students anticipate the adventure of Spring Discovery, the musical Drowsy Chaperone, Earth Day, Ring Tea, Prom and summer vacation. It is not uncommon in High School that students tend to begin summer vacation in their thoughts long before the vacation is actually here. The result can be more tardies and absences.

For this reason, I thought it an opportune time to remind parents and students of our policies regarding Absences and Tardies. Your daughter may receive a letter indicating she is at risk for receiving "No Credit" for a class in which she has missed 10 or more classes. Students with unexcused tardies will receive a notice to attend “Attention.” If they have excessive tardies, they may be suspended. The complete policies are included in the Student Handbook on the San Domenico website ( Please help us jump into Spring with enthusiastic endurance so we can end this year on a very positive and joyful note.

Mimi Latno
Dean of Student Life

Model U.N. This Weekend

This weekend, two-dozen San Domenico students will participate in the 60th Annual Berkeley Model United Nations conference on the Cal Berkeley Campus. This conference draws nearly 2,000 students from all over the country and beyond.  San Domenico’s Model United Nations delegation includes students from all four grades, and participates in both the Berkeley and Stanford conferences every year. In recent years, San Domenico delegates have earned 13 Research Awards and one Outstanding Delegate award. This years students will represent an array of countries, including Pakistan, Paraguay, Estonia; and personalities, including a judge at the International Court of Justice and the Deputy Prime Minister of Bahrain as the address topics ranging from access to healthcare, crises related to the Arab Spring, and addressing digital piracy and narcotics production, as well as preventing the spread of nuclear weapons.

--Ian Sethre

Rising Stars 21st Annual Marin County Art Show, March 11-April 1

Sunday, March 11 Artist Reception, 2-4 pm, Marin Art and Garden Center Gallery

The fabulous work will be on display through April 1!  Visit the gallery to support our student artists!  Participating students- Erica Lee, Minh Thao Vo, Hanna Kim, Daisy Gutierrez, Kim Lin, Rachel Zilberg, Sydney Cheng, Onalli Gunasekara, Rosalind Hernandez, Luming Chen, Mirah Ray, and Isabel del Cueto.

--Logan Wood and Jill Hoefgen, Art Instructors

Dorm Life

We had a great weekend in the dorms. Friday kicked off with Marin Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and the Spring Fling dance, both in Dominican. Many boarding students participated in the dance, and we were happy to have so many of our 5-day boarders in the dorms. Saturday we did have a few trips: one to Northgate mall for shopping and movies, then to the Asian Mall for dinner. On campus girls went hiking and sat outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Sunday we took advantage of the first Sunday free program at the Asian Art Museum where they had a special exhibit on the life of royalty in India.

Spring Break vacation forms have been distributed and we would like them turned in by March 15th if possible. The dorms close Thursday, April 5th at 8 pm and re-open at 12 pm on Sunday April 15th.

Message from Academic Dean

This week you will receive via email a current gradebook snapshot. This link will stay active for two weeks, allowing you the opportunity to revisit the grades. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with your daughter about each class. I encourage you to celebrate each success and discuss areas that might need improvement. Please contact the teacher by email with any specifics; and, of course, you can always contact me at

--Tracey Kelp

Submit to Verities

Current Theme: Choose Your Own Genre
Verities (San Domenico's Literary Magazine) will be accepting submissions until May 4th

We accept short stories, poetry, essays, photographs, paintings, sketches, etc. Written work can be in any language and art can be any medium except 3D (although we accept photos of 3D work). Submissions can be sent anonymously (or not) to Mr. Weiss's email address ( or placed in the submission box outside his classroom.


The Northern California Championship Robotics Tournament offered eight hours of stiff competition to 32 advancing teams. San Domenico's Team 150 "Exodus" and Team 3149 "Entropy" had worked hard to improve and, in some ways, change their robots to prepare for the event. While both had good ideas and strategies, so did most other teams.  The concept that seemed most interesting at the regional competitions was a scissor lift, and this idea was modified beyond belief for the Championship. The head referee needed to climb a 6 foot ladder to accurately determine the height of several scissor-lifted scoring crates during this event! Even San Domenico’s skills in the Engineering Notebook category were topped by teams who stepped up their game to match ours.

While my teams learned a lot about how to choose their strategies and where to put the focus for their building timeline, they were not able to score past the scissor-lift behemoths - this time. Please congratulate the Robotics team on their research and creativity, their excellent team work and the many, many hours they put into Robotics this season. And remind them how proud we all are of them, especially me!

We look forward to next season and the new challenge to come!

--Tammy Swanson

Preaching Conference Opportunity

To Sophomores and Juniors: 

Do you want to be part of something bigger than your own circle? Do you want to be a part of what could be the most memorable weekend of your life? Do you want to meet new friends and learn about being a follower of St. Dominic? Then be a part of the Dominican High Schools’ Preaching Conference! Come experience Dominic's dream; and our dream. It is fun, challenging and will change your life. Make the world a better place through your preaching!

The conference is from June 26 - July 1, 2012 in Adrian, Michigan. For more information, go to

The Drowsy Chaperone

Finishing touches are currently being put on what promises to be a fun send-up of musical theatre and the fans that are devoted to them.  Come see The Drowsy Chaperone, playing March 15-17 at 7:30 pm in HOTA and celebrate attending a wedding in Rio (via a fabulous spread of concessions in the lobby).  This fun-for-all musical is full of memorable characters brought to life by the talents of 

Cast members: Sahar Afrakhan, Belinda Arellano, Maite Castagnoli, Cailin Dornbush, Julia Francone, Portia Henry-Warren, Hannah Hermansen, Maloli Lemmen, Helen Ma, Sam Nangalama, Jacqueline Rees-Mikula, Melody Seo, Stephanie Strick, Alice Zhang, and Rachel Zilberg. Tickets are available at the door. We look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

Women's PowerStrategy Conference, March 24

The Women's PowerStrategy Conference will be taking place at San Domenico on March 24, 2012 from 8:30 am-5:30 pm. All San Domenico high school girls are invited to attend, free of charge, with lunch included. The completed schedule of sessions and speaker list is at

There are 37 speakers from authors to doctors to scientists to technology experts who will be sharing their expertise. Some of the more notable names include: Malissa Shriver head of The California Arts Council, Christine Bronstein, KRCB radio host and author Gil Mansergh, lyricist for the Jefferson Starship Jeannette Sears, and Comedy Central Comedian Joe Klocek.

Sign up to attend this event in the high school office!

The Marin County Half Marathon (5K & 10K) is on Saturday, April 7

Volunteers are needed on Tuesday, April 3; Thursday, April 5; Friday, April 6; the day of the event, Saturday, April 7. Volunteer assignments include Bus Monitors, Sweats Check, Trail Support, Aid Station, and Food and Beverages.

To register as a volunteer, go to

Spring Break Schedule for Dorms

Please note when the dorms will close and re-open:

Friday, April 6 – Sunday, April 15: Spring Break
Dorms close at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 5.
Dorms reopen at noon on Sunday, April 15 (Dorms will remain locked until 12 pm on this day)
Classes resume on Monday, April 16.

Airport transportation:
We take students to Larkspur to board a transport service, The Marin Airporter, that safely takes the students directly to their flight's terminal. When they return from vacation, they will board the bus right outside of baggage claim, and then we pick them up at the Larkspur stop. It is a safe, reliable, affordable and efficient way for us to transport many girls to the airport. We will explain to the students the process and determine our shuttle schedule based on their flight information.  Please see the website for specific information on the bus company for schedules and fares.

Once aboard the airport shuttle returning to school, students will call the Resident Faculty on duty at: (415) 258-1993, then press 1, leave a message stating that you are on the shuttle.

School News Continued

Women in Music

A concert benefiting Virtuoso Program scholarships Sunday, March 11, 3:00pm

Featuring the Orchestra da Camera and Sacramento Philharmonic Principal Harpist Anna Maria Mendieta, the second annual “Women in Music” program celebrates the role women have played in music over the centuries and around the world. The concert will be held in Bettye Poetz Ferguson Hall with a reception with the artists immediately following.

In addition to a guest solo from Mendieta, who will collaborate with the orchestra on the Tango Suite created just for her, the program will feature a solo from Caitlin Gowdy '12 on Maria-Theresia von Paradis’ Sicilienne.

The concert will also include Dianne Wachsman’s Fanfares for String Orchestra, Austria’s Marianna Martines, the Andante from Ruth Crawford's String Quartet, Gabrielle Chou's Canon and Postlude (who was only 14 years old when it was selected as a winner at the 2010 Young Composers Challenge), and New Yorker Jennifer Higdon's Concerto for Orchestra.

Tickets: $25 each, general admission Call (415) 258-1921 or email for more information

Sustainability...Keeping you in the Loop

Students are taking the lead bringing environmental awareness to their peers!
The Middle School Eco-club and High School Environmental Coordinator bring messages to school assemblies with eco-facts and educational eco-video clips. Each group has focused on themes including waste, safe cosmetics, water and beginning next week -soil. The High School Green Team also meets weekly to plan activities for our upcoming Earthday celebration at San Domenico on April 27th.  We are so thankful for their leadership and encourage more students to participate!

The Middle School Creek Study is now in its fourth week.
This week's focus has been on Water Quality Testing. Luckily, we managed to catch a little bit of rain so we actually had some water to test. Students working in groups have been assigned a section of the creek as their study site. After conducting an observational survey of the physical characteristics of their site and a plant study, they have begun collecting data on the chemical properties of the water in the creek including pH, alkalinity, turbidity. Other tests have included the water's rate of flow and temperature. Next week we look forward to examining the Benthic macroinvertebrates (creek critters) found at the creek. The types of critters found at the creek site can help us determine the creek's health.

Now accepting applications for San Domenico Explorer's Camp Counselors and Jr. Counselors!
Please see the attached job description here and application for more information. Applications can be mailed or emailed to Shelley Flint (

Explorer's Camp Description 
Catching tadpoles, watching hawks, following grasshoppers, creating nature crafts, playing field games, and making new friends- isn’t this just what a child’s summer should be? Become an "explorer" this summer and join us on San Domenico's stunning 500 plus acre campus for an unforgettable camp experience. Together we will explore the creeks, trails and our magical one acre garden complete with outdoor kitchen, tadpole pond, outdoor arts and crafts classroom and more. 

We believe that by immersing children in a rich outdoor enviroment with dynamic and highly trained counselors, your child will develop an appreciation for and love of nature. Our camp offers a blend of exciting activities including hiking, gardening, art, animal care, nature awareness games, cooking from the garden, storytelling, teambuilding and much more!

Our week together culminates in a garden feast and celebration including a meal harvested and prepared collaboratively from our organic garden. Skits, music, and art top off this charming, closing celebration. Explorers Camp is offered to K-5th graders. Campers are grouped by age and rotate through activities throughout the day finishing with a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. Camp t-shirts and snacks provided. 

Session 1: June 18-22 
Session 2: June 25-29

Upcoming Events 

  • All School Earthday Celebrations on April 27th 
  • National Walk and Roll to School Day on May 9th! We encourage everyone to walk, bike, bus or carpool to school! 
  • Primary Garden Club starts April 16th - May 21st. Sign up now!

Shelley Flint, Director of Sustainability

This weekly communication from San Domenico is also available online, and we hope it serves to answer your questions about what's happening each week at school. If you have comments or suggestions, please let us know at Thank you. Note: if you are receiving duplicate emails, we are aware of and working on a more streamlined communications system.



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