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Middle School Physical Education

The middle school physical education program at San Domenico is an essential element of the education of students because the program fosters the development of character, life skills, sportsmanship, skill development, and teamwork. Our physical education program emphasises skill development as our program takes an in depth look at each of the activities that will be taught to the students. Before we begin a unit we look at the goals and objectives, the course content, the drills and conditioning that is involved, and the game strategies of the particular unit in order to make sure that each of the participants skills are enhanced and developed.

In addition to our physical education program, our athletic program allows students the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports such as (flag football, volleyball, basketball, cross country, swimming and track) as this program strives to develop a positive self-image and encourage physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Educational athletics serve as a source of school pride and maintain positive relationships between schools and the community. While we recognize the pride in winning, it does not supersede the educational goals of our middle school athletic program. Our main goal is the make sure each student understands the importance of being on a team and what teamwork entitles. That sportsmanship above all, is most important and that competition is a place where one can test their learned skills.

It is also important to know that we are a member of the Positive Coaching Alliance and take pride in “Honoring the Game”.



Stephanie Buechner
PE Teacher
(415) 258-1990 x1806


Physical Education Curriculum Map (PDF)

Middle School Physical Education Syllabus 2019-2020 (PDF)