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Lower & Middle School Mountain Biking at San Domenico


With enthusiastic groups of kids, San Domenico's after school lower and middle school mountain bike rides are always a blast. Our rides give students a chance to build habits that can lead to lifetime of healthy outdoor aerobic exercise. We have great access to both single track and local fire roads with varying degrees of difficulty but it's really the steadfast enthusiasm from the kids that makes these rides great.

Our Middle School Team rides every Friday (weather permitting) after school. As we build up for our optional spring races, we learn about trail riding etiquette and technique. Our focus is on building confidence through individual growth and development while our team progresses toward spring. Overcoming new trail obstacles and along our rides gives participants a sense of accomplishment and self esteem boosting examples of their development and growth.

In the Spring and Fall, we offer beginner mountain bike rides designed for 2nd through 5th graders. These rides focus on building self confidence as we ride our school pump track and play games designed to teach basic bicycle handling.

What to bring

For Middle School: Please, help your student pack all of their cycling gear including their helmet, bike gloves, a spare tube, lots of food and plenty of water. Also, I recommend a light wind beaker or rain jacket (when appropriate) that can be carried in a pocket. Light weight pads and protective eye wear are great too and can help prevent injury.

For Lower School: All participants need bikes with wide knobby tires, two well tuned brakes and we highly recommend multiple gears. On their bodies, properly fitted helmets and bike gloves are necessary. Also, light weight knee and elbow pads, protective eye wear and hydration packs can be very helpful.


Mountain Biking is held in the fall and spring. Registration for spring 2022 will be posted here when it opens.