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San Domenico Lower School Athletics

The sports program affords numerous opportunities for San Domenico students to participate in school programs with their fellow students. Teams and programs have risen to record numbers this past year, and continue to grow.

Fall athletic teams at San Domenico School are cross country, which uses the trails around campus, the triathlon club, and fifth grade girls' volleyball. In the winter, basketball begins with third grade instructional and 4-5 grade CYO games. Track and field are offered in the spring. The school also provides intramural soccer, basketball, and other independent offerings.

Fall Winter Spring
Cross Country CYO Basketball Track & Field
Mountain Biking   Mountain Biking
Girls CYO Volleyball    

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Physical Education

At the lower school level students have the opportunity to participate in physical education activities in rotations of different sports, depending on seasonal weather. Read more

Additional After School Athletics

Riding School Swimming Soccer
Tennis Mountain Biking


Jeff Skaggs
Associate Athletic Director, K-12

Mark Anderson
Director of Aquatics
PE Teacher

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