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Concussion Testing

Concussions and TBI’s affect thousands of California’s high school pupil athletes each year. Many concussions or head injuries go undetected due to a lack of recognition of symptoms or intentional underreporting of symptoms.

San Domenico is extremely diligent regarding the immediate identification, removal from play and prompt reporting of all head injuries occurring under our staff supervision. In addition, all of San Domenico’s athletics coaches, physical education instructors and health center staff have been trained in concussion recognition and follow the CDC’s “Return to Play” guidelines.

Currently, baseline cognitive testing is not mandated at San Domenico, but if you are interested in obtaining baseline cognitive testing or post-injury IMPACT testing we strongly recommend contacting your family’s pediatrician or contact one of the following resources:

Mitul Kapadia, MD, pediatric psychiatrist – 415-353-1915 UCSF

Brain Injury Network of the Bay Area - (415) 461-6771 – Larkspur

Eric Freitag, Ph.D - 925-988-0569 - East Bay for baseline cognitive testing $40/athlete